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This page contains material that is oriented towards males with a sneaker fetish.

You are not alone.

Perhaps that is the most important message of this page. Each one of us probably came to this fetish on our own, most likely in our childhood or teen years. Virtually nothing is written about this fetish in magazines of any type. It is "the secret fetish" that nobody seems to talk about. Be assured, however, that it does exist.

There seems to be two main branches to the fetish:

Homosexual fetishists who account for about 90% of the people who enjoy sneakers and write about it. Homosexual men seem to be interested in a wide variety of sneakers, and are interested in men in sneakers and action in sneakers rather than the sneakers themselves. I don't fit this category, so I could be overgeneralizing. This page has only one story for you   Heterosexual males who have a very narrow interest in sneakers. They mostly seem to be interested in white canvas Keds champion oxfords or similar style shoes). That's about as specific as a fetish can get. This is my kink. this is my page, so that's what you'll find here.

The Keds Masturbation Manual is Back!
Now featuring new pictures and descriptions. Check it out.

2009 Sneaker Calendar (4.9 MB)

The Garden   A middle school teacher finds a sneaker slut for her and her girlfriend to play with.
PINKeds Dialogue Pages   Pam had a number of online chats in AOL with some sneaker freaks. She captured them for our benefit.
Short Stories   Short stories mostly contributed by other readers.

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