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Keds Masturbation Manual


Leagal Notices and Such

Warning: the contents of this manual are sexually explicit. If you are offended by the topic of masturbation and of pictures of male genitals do not read further.

Sneaker-Planet is the premier, largest, and longest running Sneaker-Fetish site in the world. The site is divided into three distinct areas Converse-Fetish, Keds-Fetish & Sneaker-Girls to best fit member interests. Photographs from this site that appear in the manual are used with permission of the owner.


What's the use of having a fetish if you can't masturbate to it? If you have a Keds fetish, you are particularly fortunate.

  • Keds are everyday objects and although they are not as popular as they once were, you still see women wearing them everywhere.
  • They are easy to buy and are relatively cheap as compared to other fetish gear.
  • You don’t have to explain them to visitors unless you have hundreds of pairs. Even if you are a male living alone, you could:
    • Say that you find them more comfortable and better looking than men’s sneakers
    • Just blush and say, “She must have left them behind.”
  • Cleanup is easy: the rubber soles simply rinse off and the washing machine usually does a good job on canvas. Sometimes hosing them off and sun drying them is enough.

I have over a half century’s experience masturbation experience (or at least thinking about it). It’s a derivative of a rubber and female domination fetish I had as a child. What could be more symbolic than something that is uniquely identified with women and girls, but is made of rubber? Keds Champions were “girl sneakers.” At the time my fetish was forming, only girls wore Keds and every girl wore Keds. When talking about women and girls, "Keds" was synonymous with "sneakers."

Since my fetish is derived from a parallel rubber fetish, this guide discusses using the rubber parts of the sneaker for masturbation. If you are a fetishist who gets off on the insole or canvas, and wish to co-author a guide that includes this part of the fetish, contact me.

Although my other fetish is for female domination, the techniques described here can be done by anyone and, with the exception of one technique, can even be done solo.

Styles of Sneakers

Sneakers come in many styles. The original sneaker of choice was Keds and Keds-like knockoffs. These sneakers had one type of sole: crepe rubber. Since then there has been an explosion of styles of sneakers for women Many of these including today’s Keds have a variety of soles. Some of them just won’t work for the masturbation techniques discussed here. On the other hand there are new sole types that seem to have been invented with masturbation in mind.

Know Your Sneakers

In this manual, I use several terms such as outsole, inner outsole and working rubber. The illustration below shows what I mean by these terms.

The Sole:

The most important part of the sole is the part of the sole that corresponds to the balls of the woman’s feet as she wears her sneakers. This part is known as "the working rubber" and it is where most of the masturbational methods occur. This is the part of the sneaker that is rubbed against the penis (or vice versa).

Texture and Molding

There are two other terms that I use.
  • Texture is inherent to the rubber itself. Some rubbers are harder than others and have a smoother surface. These rubbers provide less friction than “gummier” rubbers. Gummy rubbers tend to grab and tickle the penis more.
  • Molding is how the manufacturer chooses to mold the rubber into a sole design. This can include anything from a simple crepe or pebble design to elaborate patterns of zig-zags, circles or waffle designs. Generally speaking, the simpler the molding, the more suitable for masturbation the sneaker is.

Evaluating the Soles

Generally, sneakers come out of the box with a “glaze” of some sort over the rubber. The soles of older sneakers not worn for a while suffer from oxidation that also puts a glaze on them. For this reason, sneakers need to be worn from time to time to wear away this glaze and expose fresh rubber.

Wear also changes the molding on a sneaker. In addition to wearing down the “sharpness” of the dimples on crepe or pebble designs, each woman re-sculpts the molding on her sneakers as she wears them. Every woman has a distinct walk. She will wear down her soles in different places than other women. Where she wears her sneakers is also important. Sneakers worn on concrete wear differently than sneakers worn indoors, on grass, dirt or on the beach on sand.

So, even though every woman starts out with the same kind of sneaker, by the time she's worn them for even a little bit, they are as different as the women themselves. Masturbation, even with the same pair of sneakers worn by the same woman, changes throughout the sneakers' life.

There really isn't a quantifiable classification scheme for evaluating molding and texture. Even if it were possible, it would be a futile work. Even the standard, the Keds Champion, changes its soles every couple of years.

Shoe manufacturers do not make sneakers with masturbation in mind. The molding of the sole is intended to provide traction as the woman walks while she is wearing her sneakers. What works well for traction, generally doesn't work well for masturbation. The bottom line is that if it's relatively flat, it's probably usable.


Unless the sole is made of completely flat, hard rubber, lubrication is essential. If there is any friction or even a moderate amount of molding you will rub your man raw while attempting to get him off. The amount of lubrication needed depends on the type of masturbation chosen. Each technique has a different penis-to-rubber contact.

The best lubrication, of course, is pre-cum. It won’t harm the rubber and provides great lubrication. If you need a substitute to get started, common saliva works great. Spit on the soles of the sneaker and spread it on the penis (or vice versa). There is no need for special lubricants like K-Y jelly or other store-bought products.

The Methods

The following methods are a result of nearly 50 years of field testing. The method you choose depends upon your personal preference, the kind of sneakers you have, the condition of the working rubber, and of course, your mood.

The Lazy Woman Method

The Lazy Woman Method is the least interactive of the sneakering methods. It is so named because all the woman needs to do is sit back and watch.

The Lazy Woman Method


The Lazy Woman Method is the easiest method of sneakering to learn. From the woman’s point of view, there is nothing to learn. This method works with a wide range of moldings and texturing so it can be used with relatively new sneakers. It’s best if you use two pairs of sneakers for this. I will describe the "right handed" method -- so called because the masturbator lays on his right side. Reverse everything if your man's penis leans the other way.

How to do it:

  • Have the masturbator lay down on his right side.
  • Place two sneakers, soles up parallel to his body at crotch level.
  • Place the heels towards his feet and toes facing his head
  • Place the left sneaker against his body and the right sneaker under his penis. In other words, position the pair of sneakers as they would normally be worn except upside down.
    • If you did it right, the sneakers should be leaning away from each other, providing the proper angle.
    • The sneaker nearest the man's body doesn't really do anything. It's used mostly as a "spacer" to keep the working rubber on the other sneaker in the proper position. If your man is particularly endowed, use the right sneaker from the other pair as an additional spacer.
  • Take the left sneaker from the other pair and put it across the two sneakers on the floor with the innner outsole up.
    • The toe of this sneaker should be pointing away from the man
    • The heel should be against his body
    • The sole should be facing his head.
    • This sneaker raises the man's left leg a little, makes a better angle for contact, and gives you a better view of the masturbation.
  • Place head of penis on the working rubber.
  • Have the man lean into the sneakers a little.
  • Have him hump away.

    The nice thing about this method is that the man has both hands free to be able to read a book or look at pictures. You too, have both hands free to do whatever you want to do. Having his hands free is an option, but tying them up will make it more difficult for him to maintain proper position.

    While he is on the floor, you can have him do other things such as lick your feet, kiss another pair of your sneakers or do whatever your imagination can dream as you sit and watch.

The Sneaker Book Method

The sneaker book method is the first of the interactive methods. You hold the sneakers in the proper position and the man does most of the work. It is the closest thing you will ever see to a penis cumming on its own.

Shown here are several shots of this technique using the solo method. If it were done by a woman, her thumbs would be right about mid-sneaker on the inner outsole. The heels of her sneakers should be in her palms.

Sneaker Book Method (Shown Solo)

How to do it (Explained as a two-person method):

  • Take the right sneaker in your right hand and the left sneaker in your left hand. (As you can see, almost everything is reversed for the solo method).
  • Put the sneakers together sole-to-sole with the toes pointing towards the man and the heels towards you.
  • Make sure you are holding the sneakers so your palms are over the opening for the heel (the part where you put your foot in).
  • Your fingers should rest under the sneakers on the outer outsole.
  • Your thumbs should be on top of the sneaker on the inner outsole just about where the seam coming down from the tongue joins the rubber.
  • (Optional step) In the unlikely event that you need to induce an erection in your man this would be a good time to do it. Use the following "tickling up" exercise:
    • Place the heels of your sneakers under the head of the man's penis and pull them slowly towards you. Let the head of his penis bounce and rub its way along the design of the inner outsole.
    • This works well with the herringbone design of Keds Champions. Cross hatch designs are rougher on the penis, so be extra careful with them.
    • Keep pulling the sneakers slowly towards you letting the penis ride all the way to the toes.
    • Let the penis fall off the toes and start the whole process again.
    • Do not try to push the sneakers back up the penis. You can irritate the penis doing this. Keep a constant pulling action.
  • Place the sneakers under the penis and slowly separate your thumbs. Keep your fingers together underneath.
  • The sneakers should hinge open like a book.
  • Let the penis fall into the pages of this book, and adjust the position until the head is resting on the working rubber. The objective is to move the penis up and down the length of the sneaker like a piston.
  • (Option 1) Hold the sneakers steady and order the man to hump them. This is the natural tendency for most men. They’ll start on their own.
  • (Option 2) For more control, you can immobilize the man's midsection by tying it to a pole or making him stand with his back to the wall. Rub the soles of the sneakers back and forth in a woman-to-man movement yourself.
  • (Option 3), Use a combination of the two. Let the man hump as you push back and forth.
  • Your rubbing, and his humping determine the tempo.
  • Experiment with the penis to rubber pressure.
    • You can increase pressure by closing the sneaker book a little. I emphasize "a little" you don't want to pinch the penis.
    • You can also increase pressure on the penis by how much you tilt the sneaker book into the man's body. (Raise the heels of the sneaker so the penis makes contact with the rubber at a steeper angle.)
    • The combination of these two things determine the pressure of the penis-to-rubber contact. With enough experience you can learn to ease off on the push and tighten up a little on the pull.
  • Vary the tempo and pressure to accommodate the molding and texture of the sneakers you are using.

The Total Control Method

The total control method, as the name implies, puts the total control of the ejaculation in the hands of the person controlling the sneakers. This is also one of the easiest and exciting variations of sneakering. You can use almost any kind of sneaker. It's almost foolproof, and even the most inexperienced woman can learn it in a matter of minutes.

Total Control Method

How to do it:

  • Grab one sneaker by the heel (palm on the rubber of the heel) and hold it sideways (toe pointing right or left) so the rubber sole is facing up.
  • Place the working rubber of this sneaker under the head of the your partner’s penis.
  • Grab the other sneaker by the heel (palm over the opening where you put your foot in) and hold it sideways (toe pointing in the opposite direction to the first sneaker) so the rubber sole is pointing down.
  • Place the outsole next to the working rubber just behind the head of the penis but not in contact with it.
  • You now have a penis "sandwich."
  • "Saw" the sneakers gently back and forth, rolling the penis between them.
  • With enough practice you can move the top sneaker side-to-side and the bottom sneaker woman-to-man along the shaft. This technique produces a circular rubbing motion under the penis.
  • You control the tempo, you control how much pressure you put on the sneakers and how tightly they push the rubber against the penis. Hence the name "total control." The woman is totally in control of the penis using her sneakers.
  • When you get experience with playing with a man using this method, you can almost predict the exact moment when you will make him come.

Walking the Dog Method

Of the methods described, there is one that absolutely requires a partner. Mrs. Mule discovered this method on her own when I first told her about my sneaker fetish. To her it was obvious. I never thought of it myself.

The excitement of this method comes from the fact that you are actually wearing your sneakers while doing it, and are masturbating him with your feet. This method takes the most practice and is probably the most sensitive to the condition of the rubber.

Walking the Dog

How to do it:

  • Have the man sit on a straight backed chair without arms.
  • You may, at your option, tie his hands under the seat or behind the back.
  • You may also tie his ankles to the back or front legs of the chair to hold his knees apart and to thrust his penis forward.
  • You can choose a comfortable chair, bed or other seating arrangement.
  • Swing your legs up and place them in his crotch. As an initial position, place the heels of your sneakers on his balls. Unless you have very small or large feet, (or he has a very small or large penis) the working rubber should be up against the head of his penis.
    • If you have very small feet, you may want to add some padding under your heels.
    • If you have very large feet, you can pull your heels back a little.
    • Carefully pump up and down with your feet. With practice you can pedal the penis from sole to sole, but don't worry if you rub him with just one sneaker.
  • There are a number of things that makes this such a difficult sneakering method is that there are so many variables:
    • How close you sit?
    • How much "lap space" does he leave (in other words, how far forward in the seat does he sit)
    • What is the angle at which your foot meets his penis, etc.

You will have to work out these variables through trail and error.

Some variations to this method are: you in a chair, him on the edge of the bed. You on the bed, him on the floor with his legs under the bed. You in an easy chair with your legs up, him kneeling before you. (This was the original version that Mrs. Mule discovered as I was naked before her giving her a leg massage).

However challenging this method may seem, it's well worth it. You don't have to concentrate on his penis, so you can watch his face, both of your hands are free so you could have a drink, or pretend to read a magazine, or talk to your one of your  friends on the phone. It takes virtually no energy at all on your part, and best of all you'll have him literally coming at your feet!


Of course, you have the option to just play around and experiment. You might discover whole new methods of your own.

General Comments

  • Just a reminder, use well-worn or at least partially-worn sneakers. If you don't have the time to wear the sneakers, you can use sandpaper to get off the rough edges.
  • Use genuine "girl sneakers" whenever possible. Larger sneakers that could be worn by men are too long and bend more under the pressure using some of the techniques.
  • In general, stay away from athletic shoes; the soles have too complicated a molding. Athletic shoes have their place in a woman's wardrobe, but not in the bedroom.
  • Go slow at the beginning. Tease him for a while and let the precome start flowing before picking up the tempo.
  • I think that many couples will find this a safe alternative to conventional sex when conventional sex is not practical, or you are just not in the mood for it.

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