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This page contains links to short stories contributed by other readers.

Associated Press Article Not exactly a story, but an interesting article about Joanna Jacobson, the president of Keds.
Mule's Delurk Again, not so much of a story as it is a "how I got started" article
Blue Square Shoes A couple of women kidnap a likely candidate and Keds-tease him.
DY-4 A man goes Keds shopping with the help of his assistant.
Good Boy A story of teasing and sneaker sex.
Jen's an Kim's Vacation Sisters enjoy the games they play with their husbands.
Keds Loving More sneaker sex.
Mascot A little cross-dressing into Keds action.
One Night A dark, no-consentual story of a kidnapped woman and her subsequent abuse.
Provider Sneaker sex with a female dominant twist.
Trevor A man meets his on-line "Mistress" for some Sneaker-Sex

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