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Ron is an artist that specializes in drawings of juvenile spankings much in the spirit of Ann. Although these drawings tell a story in themselves, I hope to use them as inspiration to write a series of stories such as I have with some of Ann's work.


Ron's Originals

What it's all about. Almost all of these drawings could have started like this!
Bad News   A couple of girls confront a boy and applaud the results of a spanking
Break Time   Break time is over. Auntie resumes her spanking of her nephew.
By Ear   A naughty boy is led off by his ear by a couple of girls.
Can't Stand It   But he must. He's spanked by his mom as his playmate looks on.
Critter   A boy is spanked in a boat in full view of those on shore.
Cruz Control (1) (2)   A boy misbehaves at a neighbors and is sent home to his mother for spanking. She spanks him and sends him back pantless to apologize to the girls.
David   David is spanked in front of his 7 sisters who have something to say about it.
Debut   Joey makes his stage debut by being spanked in front of the girls.
Dickey (1) (2) (3) (4)   Dickey ruins the girls' pool party and his mom makes him pay the price.
Egging On (1) (2)   Victim's rights prevails in this house!
Embarrassed   A boy is embarrased to show his spanked behind to his audience of girls.
Gang War   This one looks like a couple of moms disciplining their sons and nephews as their daughters and nieces help with the process.
Get Along   Mom spanks a brother and sister pair because they can't get along.
Girl Scout Cookies   A boy eats two boxes of cookies and the girls take it in their hands to punish him.
Hands On   Principal Harris spanks a student.
Helpers   Mom spanks Sam as his sister cheers and his cousin hands over a paddle.
Hip Hop   Joseph does a dance as the baby sitter spanks him in front of his sister and her friends.
Joerg (1) (2) (3)   Mom teaches Heidi how to spank. Dad ecourages the babysitter to spanke Joerg. Several girls prepare Joerg for a spanking at school.
Joe's Woes   Joe tried to take a picture in the girls' shower and got caught.
Justice   A couple of boys make fun of a girl wearing glasses and pay the price.
Ladies Room   A boy is disciplined by his mom in a public ladies room
Long Lesson   Jimmy didn't play nice with his cousins, so his Aunt Gail taught him a lesson.
Love to Hate   This boy has a sister he loves to hate -- she told on him to the babysitter.
Mule (1) (2)   Ron's trubute to bad-boy Mule who sometimes needs to be reminded how to behave himself :-)
New Neighbor   A mom spanks a boy at her neighbor's house.
Payback Time   An aggreived sister watches as mom spanks her brother.
Permission Granted   Cousins watch as auntie gets permission to spank her nephew.
Pinned and Switched   A girl remembers her brother's spanking.
Revenge   A sister takes it out on her bratty brother.
Roger   Roger spends some corner time as his siter and cousin comment on his plight.
Savvy Sitter   Some bathtime fun gets messy and spankings follow.
Six of the Best   Seeing this picture makes me wonder if there are barcode readers for caned asses.
Smokin'   Makes you wonder about the real reason things feel so hot.
Sportsmanship   Unsportsmanlike conduct earns a young boy a spanking
Terrorized   Sara's step sister steps in and lends her a hand.
Too Late   A boy learns that it's too late to repent as Jennifer spanks him in front of his sisters.
Total Disaster   It looks like every girl in the family is in on this poor boy's spanking.
Yours for Now   Mom hands her son over to her daughter for discipline.

Ron's Adaptations of Ann's Drawings
Ron also makes interesting arrangements from Ann's drawings

Big Screwup Hopefull Thoughts Join Us
She Peeks Shower Room Sister Act
Skinny Dippers Twisted Sisters  



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