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The woman and girl pulled into the driveway and were immediately greeted by the lady of the house.

“Ronnie, so good to see you,” the woman from the house said. The two of them embraced

“Mary, I can’t tell you how much help this is. This training session is so important to my career. Thank you for taking care of Allison for me while I’ll be gone.”

“No problem. She’s a delight and Ben and Katie just love her. They’ve been looking forward to her visit.”

Mary opened the front door to yell up to her children, “Ben, Ka …” She couldn’t get the rest of the sentence out of her mouth as an 8-year-old blur, otherwise known as her daughter went running past her.

“Allison, Allison, I can’t wait to show you my new doll.”

“Give her a break, Katie,” her mother said, “She’s going into middle school this fall. She’s more interested in boys than in dolls.”

The girl smiled, gleaming her braces at her aunt. “It’s OK, Aunt Mary, I’m sure Katie and I will find fun things to do.”

Mary turned her head again and yelled up the steps, “Benjamin, get down here and say hello to your aunt and your cousin.”

Ben came down the steps, shoulders slumped, hands in his pockets. “Hi,” was all he said barely taking his eyes off the ground. Ben was a boy of few words.

“What’s with him?” Ronnie asked.

“Oh, he’s just in one of his moods. He told me that he did like the idea of being cooped up in the house with two girls for the week. He’ll get over it. I got some plans for the kids and me to do. It’s not like I’m not going to let him go out with his friends.”


Aunt Ronnie was off early the next morning to drive to her class. The kids helped Aunt Mary clean up after breakfast.

“Why don’t you kids wash up and get dressed. We’re going to the zoo today. We can have lunch there, and then grab a pizza for dinner. How does that sound?”

Actually it didn’t sound all that bad. The girls were excited to see the animals and the prospect of pizza always put Ben in a good mood.

They were about ready to leave when the phone rang. Aunt Mary picked it up. “Oh hi Ronnie. … Oh no … Are you alright? … How bad was it? …” This was followed by a long bit of silence and Aunt Mary picking up a pencil and paper and writing down some information. “Of course I’m on my way. … Don’t worry, I’ll think of something … I’m sure they’ll be OK.”

The woman call the children into the kitchen. “Kids, I have some bad news: Aunt Ronnie has been in an accident – she’s not hurt. She just got banged up a bit. The car is a total wreck. She’s in the hospital and they want to keep her there for a while to make sure she’s OK. I’m going to go get her.”

“Where is she?” Allison asked.

“She’s in the hospital in Springfield. It’s going to take a couple of hours to get there, and then there is paperwork for her release and then the drive back. Even if we leave now, we won’t be back until evening.”

“Aunt Mary, we don’t have to go. I can stay here with Katie and Ben. You can go by yourself rather than trying to manage all us kids.”

“But …”

“No, it’s OK. I took a Red Cross course in babysitting. In fact I do it every day. Our next door neighbor has a 6-year-old boy and I get to sit for him for a couple of hours when we get home from school and his mom comes home. I know what I’m doing.”

“But …”

“Give me your cell phone number. If anything happens, I’ll call. Katie and Ben are pretty responsible kids. I can handle them.”

“Well OK, I made some baked ziti. It’s in the fridge cook that up for dinner. There’s some hot dogs there too. That should do for lunch. Don’t leave the house. Don’t answer the door.”

Allison actually laughed, “Go! Take care of my mom. We’ll be OK.”

Aunt Mary turned to her own children. “You heard the situation. You’re staying here. I’m sorry to keep you locked up on such a nice day, but we can’t be too careful. We’ll make it up to you. While I am gone, Allison is in charge. Listen to her. If you give her any problems, you’ll have to deal with me when I come back.”

“Mom, I don’t need no babysitter,” Ben complained, “I’m 11 years old. She’s not even a year older than me. She can’t tell me what to do.”

“Yes she can!”


“First of all, she’s a girl and girls are more mature than boys, so she is more than a year ahead of you in that category. Secondly, because I said so. I’ll make sure to ask her how you behaved when I get back. So you better listen to her. Got that, mister?”

Ben bowed his head, “Yes mom.”

“Good! Now I spent about as much time as I can here. I got to get going.”

The three kids stood on the front porch as Aunt Mary got in her car. “Now close that door and lock it. I’ll be back later tonight,” she said.

They watched the car leave and then entered the house.

“OK, what do you say we play a game?” Allison offered.

“What kind of game?” Ben asked.

“How about dolls,” Katie suggested. “I love dressing them up.”

“Stupid girl games,” Ben muttered.

“I hope you mean the games and not the girls when you say stupid, Ben.”

“Um, yeah, I guess so.”

“Well, they are not stupid games. You could learn a lot from them. They could teach you some valuable social skills. But if you’re not interested, you don’t have to play. Find something else to do.”

The girls went off to play in Katie’s room. Ben sulked off towards his room.

After about an hour of Allison playing with Katie and her dolls, the phone rang. Katie looked at the caller ID and said, “That’s Mrs. Wilson from next door.” She picked it up and answered very politely, “Good morning, this is the Anderson residence, Katie speaking.”

“Hello Mrs. Wilson … No she’s not here right now. … My Cousin Allison is in charge right now, would you like to speak to her?”

The girl handed the phone to Alison, “It’s Mrs. Wilson, she says she has something important to talk to about.” Katie had a quizzical look on her face. What could Mrs. Wilson have to tell Allison that was so important? They didn’t even know each other.

Allison picked up the phone, “Hello Mrs. Wilson. …. I see … I see … uh-huh … Well thank you for telling me; I’ll deal with it right now.” She hung up.

“That was Mrs. Wilson,” Allison said unnecessarily, “she said that she was cleaning out her attic and looked out. She could see down behind the garage and says that she saw Ben smoking a cigarette.”

“Oh boy! Mom’s really going to give it the Ben when she finds out this time!”

“This time? You mean he’s done this before?”

“Oh yeah, a couple of weeks ago. I think his friend Joey gets them for him. Anyway mom really got into him and gave him a really big spanking and grounded him for a week.”

“Spanking? Did you get to see it?”

“No she did it in his room with the door closed. I couldn’t see anything, but I could certainly hear everything. Boy was he crying! I only got a quick peek when she opened the door to come out. By that time he was on the bed on his stomach sobbing.”

“Well, let’s see what he has to say now.”

“Let me show you a secret way,” Katie offered. “My friends and I play hide and seek. I found a way to sneak behind the bushes on the other side of the garage.”

Allison said, “That gives me an idea.”


Ben stood behind the garage puffing away on the cigarette. He kept an eye out and occasionally peeked around the corner to see if anyone was coming out the back door. He couldn’t see the driveway from that position but anyone coming that way would have to come around the garage just to get to the back door, much less in the garage.

He didn’t see the girls going out the front door and sneaking up the driveway.

He took another drag through the cigarette and coughed it out as he heard screeching behind him. He turned around. It was Katie! How did she get there? He was about to ask when he felt another presence behind him. He turned and looked up into the face of his cousin.

“You’re in trouble, boy,” Allison told him. “Put that thing out and give me the rest of the pack.” He was so stunned he could do nothing else. “Now let’s go into the house and talk about this.”

Allison led him into the living room, Katie eagerly trotting beside her. The living room just seemed like the proper place to do this. It was the most formal of the rooms, and the coldest in terms of ambiance and the most intimidating.

Ben was already pleading before they even got there, “Don’t tell my mom. Please! I’ll do anything. She’ll kill me.”

“We’ll see,” Allison said coldly.

Allison pointed to a spot on the carpet. “Stand right there and face me and put your hands on your head.”

Ben did so with head bowed and lower lip quivering.

Allison took her “lecturing pose:” left hand on her hip; right hand in a fist, index finger pointing outward and poking into Ben’s chest.

“Now look. Boys your age shouldn’t be smoking. Nobody should be smoking. It’s bad for you. It’s bad for your health. What would your mother say if she caught you doing it?”

Ben was so ashamed that he couldn’t even respond. So Allison went on. “I should send you to your room for the rest of the day. No lunch. No TV. No computer. No phone. No nothing. And if you ask politely, I might let you out to go to the bathroom. Then when she gets home I’m going to tell your mom and you’ll really be in trouble.”

Ben burst out into tears. “Please don’t tell her. I’ll stay in my room. I’ll be good. I won’t do it again. I promise. Please. Give me another chance. I’ll do anything.”

Allison got an evil smile on her face, “Boy, you really are afraid of what she’ll do to you aren’t you?”

Ben managed a nod.

“I tell you what. Are you serious when you say that you’ll do anything?”

“Well that depends,” Ben said, backpeddling as best as he could.

“Suppose I make you a deal and your mom doesn’t find out?”

“Allison, you’re a doll!”

Allison laughed, “No you are.”

He looked at her blankly.

“Your sister and I were having a fun time playing with her dolls before we had to interrupt our play to deal with you. She and I were having fun dressing them up in their different outfits. For the rest of the day, you’re going to be our doll: we get to play with you and dress you up and you’ll do everything we tell you to do just like a prefect little boy-doll.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Or you’ll go to your room and I tell your mother.” Allison looked at the clock. “You have one minute to make up your mind.”

It was the slowest minute any of them had experienced. At the end Allison asked, “Well?”

Ben swallowed hard, “I’ll do it.”

Katie was jumping up and down as soon as she heard the verdict.

“One more thing,” Allison added, ““We will end the day with you getting a spanking – from me.”

“Can I give him one too?” Katie piped in.

“We’ll see.” Allison said.

Ben meekly accepted this addendum to his punishment.

“Now let’s get to Katie’s room and play. Remember, if you don’t obey us or give us any trouble, we’ll tell your mom.”


There was a weak point in the girls’ plans. They didn’t have much clothing to fit Ben. Katie was a lot smaller than him and Allison, although about the same size, didn’t bring that much with her.

“Let’s see what your mom has in her closet,” Allison suggested.

“I got a better idea,” Katie said. “Mom’s got a whole bunch of stuff in the attic. She lets me use it to play dress up. I bet some of it will fit Ben.”

The girls made Ben go up in the attic and under Katie’s direction located the boxes with his mom’s old clothes. He had to make a couple of trips to get them down to Katie’s room.

“Now for the moment of truth.” Allison announced. “Take off your clothes, Ben.”


“Well we can’t put these pretty clothes on you when you’re wearing your boy clothes, can we?”

“But I …”

“But I will tell your mom.”

Ben knew that every objection he could come up with would be trumped with “But I’ll tell your mom,” and stripped down to his underwear.

“Those too!”

“But I can’t. You’ll see me.”

“Dolls wear what their girls tell them to wear. And in this house now that goes double for boy-dolls.”

Ben still hesitated, so Allison added “Do it for us, or you’ll have to do it for your mom before she spanks you.”

Soon the girls had a naked Ben standing in front of them trying his best to hide his “boy parts” with his hands.

The girls, in the meantime, were rummaging through the clothes, occasionally picking up an article and holding it up against Ben to see how it would look. Ben was ordered to pose for them so they could do this. Eventually, he gave up trying to hide himself. It no longer made sense. The girls had seen him, and the girls were going to continue to see him.

The girls decided that they needed to get him dressed for lunch. The found a skirt and blouse that looked like they would fit him well enough along with a pair of his mother’s sneakers. Allison raided her suitcase to provide the panties and training bra he would wear for the rest of the day.

They got him dressed up but Allison still wasn’t satisfied. She put the wig on him and said, “Boy your hair is a mess. Katie can you do something with it.”

Katie started brushing the hair back as Allison went to her room. Katie was already busy doing Ben’s hair style into pig tails complete with bows when she returned with a small bag.

“Oh that looks so cute!” Allison exclaimed. “He looks just like a prefect little sister. Here, let’s put a little makeup on him.”

Allison spilled out the contents of her bag and it contained lipstick, eye liner, powder puff, nail polish and a number of other items Ben couldn’t comprehend.

He sat there quietly, content to be dressed at least, as the girls performed their makeover on him.

Allison put the finishing touches on Ben. She had him stand and pirouette for them. “What do you think?” She asked Katie.

“Oh he looks so adorable. I’d pick him up and play with him if he wasn’t so big.”

“*HE* looks adorable? I don’t think so. Does Ben look like a boy to you?”

Katie giggled, “Not at all. In fact he looks better than some of my friends’ older sisters.”

“OK, girls,” Allison said, “let’s get some lunch.”

Ben felt funny with the air circulating under his skit. It was an odd sensation, but he thought how comfortable it was, and how nice it might be in hot weather. Maybe girls are onto something after all.

As the three of them walked down the hall, Allison grabbed Ben by the arm. “You’re walking like a trucker. That’s not the way a girl works. Back in the living room. We’re going to move some furniture. We’re going to teach you how to walk like a girl and we’re going to teach you how to dance like a girl.”

The girls spent some time coaching Ben on his walking technique. “Don’t slouch.” “Hold your head up.” “Don’t swing your arms so much.” “Swing the hips, not the shoulders.” “If you’re doing this poorly in sneakers, how are you going to wear heels?”

It took some doing, but eventually the girls trained a small measure of feminine grace into Ben’s step.

Allison plugged her iPod into the stereo and programmed some tunes. “We better start off with some slow numbers to warm you up.” She took Ben by the hand and wrapped her arm around his waist. He took up a corresponding postion with her.

“That’s not the way to do it. A girl puts her arms around the boy’s neck.”

He did as she suggested, and felt a little funny as she lead. “Oh get used to it, she giggled. Girls are more versatile than boys when it comes to dancing. Boys are such fuddy-duddies so girls have to dance with each other. A girl has to know how to lead and how to follow. A boy just sort of stumbles his way through it and the girl has to make him look good.”

“And now for our long-delayed lunch.”

The kids ate as only hungry children could. Allison and Katie were quick to point out the fineries that girls must observe when they eat.

The three kids returned to Katie’s room after making their “maid” clean up

They tried different outfits on Ben: a tennis outfit, cheerleader outfit, schoolgirl outfit and even a cowgirl outfit!

The girls realized that their moms would be returning eventually and reluctantly stopped their dress-up play. There was still the matter of a spanking to render.

The girls marched Ben, still in a cute frilly outfit, back in the living room. Katie giggled as she looked at his bunn cheeks swishing under the skirt in front of her. Katie has always wanted to see her brother get spanked and now that dream was going to come true.

Even though the spanker wasn’t his mother, Ben knew the drill. He was going to somehow, some way wind up over Allison’s knees. She directed him to get one of the chairs that they had pushed to the side when they conducted his dancing lesson.

He was confused when she directed him to get a second chair. He soon found out its purpose.

Allison sat down and pointed to her lap. There was no mistaking what she meant by that gesture. Ben simply draped his body over her knees.

“No, silly. I’m left handed,” she scorned him. “Get over the other way and point you butt so I can swing my dominant hand into you better.”

Ben got up and assumed the position again, this time properly.

“That’s better. Now Katie, pull up that chair and sit down facing me.”

The young girl did as she was instructed.

“Here, try to interlock your knees with me. Ben, scutch up a bit so your sister can get her knees under you.”

This was the ultimate in humiliation for Ben. It was one thing to be spanked by his “babysitter.” At least she was older than him even if not by a full year. But now his kid sister was going to participate in his punishment. Allison was going to go home at the end of the week. He’d see her maybe a couple of times a year. But his sister lived with him every day. He’d see her face daily and be reminded of this event continuously. Knowing her as well as he did, she’d take every opportunity to remind him.

“OK, let’s get the skirt up.” Both girls grabbed at the hem and pulled it up. Once more Ben was instructed to “scutch up” so they could bring it completely over his hips.

“Now for panties down!”

“No, Ben protested.” It wasn’t like the panties were providing any protection, but they were the last vestige of his modesty.

“Down they come, boy!”

Ben knew it was useless and once again cooperated in his own execution. Katie and Allison pulled them down to his knees. Without the panties, his erected penis fell between the girls’ knees. They looked at each other and giggled and squeezed their knees together playfully a couple of times.

Allison looked at Katie, “Ready?”

“Ready!” the young girl replied.

Both girls raised their hands at the same time and brought them down at the same time. They repeated the process over and over and eventually found a rhythm where one was on the downstroke as the other was on the upstroke. Poor Ben was getting a spanking at twice the speed of a normal spanking. The girls also decided without any consultation to alternate cheeks instead of just spanking the cheek closest to her.

Ben started crying and sobbing.

“Don’t be such a crybaby. We’re not hitting you that hard.” Allison said.

“Yeah, mom hits him a lot harder.”

Mom might have hit harder physically, but these girls were hitting him harder psychologically. Mom was a parent and had a right to do this. These were his peers, maybe even his subordinates and they were now lording their power over him.

Although the girls did not hit him as hard as his mom individually, there were two of them and their combined spanking was taking its toll. Ben began to kick his legs.

Ben’s ass was about the same shade as his lipstick by the time the girls got tired of spanking him.

“Get up!” Allison ordered. Ben stood up and his panties fell to the floor. “Step out of those, she ordered.”

Ben stood in front of his cousin. She reached out and pulled the skirt down. His tiny penis bobbled with the effort and both girls laughed at that. However it was the rear end that interested them. They reveled in the disaster they had wrought.

“Go stand in the corner with your hands on your head.”

The girls sat on the couch and watched him. They talked about school, music, shopping and all the things girls talk about as casually as if they were only half-paying attention to what might have been on the TV. But their eyes were on Ben. They could not see from their vantage point that his face was also as red as his ass.

Finally Allison dismissed him, “Turn around and take the blouse and bra off. I’ll have to wash that thing before I can use it again. Now go take a shower and wash your face thoroughly. Your makeup is all smeared. And brush your teeth and use mouthwash, you still smell like an ashtray. You don’t want your mom smelling smoke on your breath.”

Allison gave him a peck on the cheek as she walked by him. His sister did the same.

Allison’s parting words to the naked boy were, “Then get dressed – in your boy clothes – and come back and help us clean up.”

“Yes ma’am” Ben said. To him Allison would never again be just his “girl cousin;” she would forever on be “Ma’am.”

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