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A Day at the Beach

"Patsy, hurry up and get packed. I don't want to get caught up in traffic." I heard my Aunt Jan yell. I had just finished the second grade, and was staying at my aunt's house for a couple of weeks while mom and dad were taking a vacation of their own. They said that I wouldn't be happy doing the grown up things they would be doing and that I would have more fun spending some time with my cousins Jessica and Jeremy.

Jessica was already 13 and looking forward to going into high school at the end of the summer. She was older than me, and didn't she know it! She seemed to know everything. At least she thought she did. Jeremy was 11, and even though I thought he was kind of cute, he was also very much of a pest. I don't know what mom was thinking of dropping me off with these two and thinking that I could possibly have fun with them.

My aunt was worse than my mom when it came to some things. She got on my case immediately if I left my clothes on the floor and said that I'd pick them up later, or didn't brush my teeth EXACTLY when she told me to. Oh well, it wasn't all that bad. My aunt did take us out for ice cream and pizza and other cool stuff. Today she was taking us to the beach.

Coming from a state that is 500 miles away from any ocean (except maybe the Arctic Ocean), the beach was a special treat for me. The only problem is that I had to put up with my two "goodie-goodie" cousins. Oh what sweet things they were! According to Aunt Jan, they could do no wrong. Of course they had to be "goodie-goodie;" if I had a mom like Aunt Jan, I'd be a robot kid too. These poor kids just didn't know how to have fun.

There was, however, an up side to all of this. They were so polite, I was able to get away with murder. I would tease them secretly, and when they'd raise their voice to complain, my aunt would yell at them to stop. I loved playing this game.

I crammed into the back seat of my aunt's car along with Jeremy and a bunch of beach stuff. The ride was hot, and it seemed to take forever.

"Auntie, how come you don't have air conditioning in this car?" I asked.

"Well, it doesn't get this hot very often here, and I don't normally need it." She replied.

"Well, you sure could use it today. Don't be so cheap. Splurge a little." I shot back.

A couple of minutes later I asked, "When are we getting to this beach?"

"In about another 45 minutes."

"45 MINUTES! Where the hell is this place?" I replied.

"Patsy! Watch your mouth, please." My aunt said in mild shock. I'll bet her precious sweeties never said anything like "hell."

"Yeah, I'll watch it. I got nothing else to do for the next 45 minutes." I muttered. I looked over at my cousin who was staring at me in disbelief. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Oooh, there's a Burger King, let's stop. They got a new toy with their special and I want it." I said bouncing up and down.

"We can't stop. It's on the other side of the highway. Besides we just had breakfast, you can't be hungry."

"Don't tell me what I am or am not. I want to stop." I pouted.

"We can't stop. We'll eat when we get to the beach." My aunt said through gritted teeth.

"Yeah, but they won't have a Burger King and I won't get my toy."

"Give it a rest, PATRICIA!" Oh-oh a full proper name. I pushed a button, and I figured it would be a good time to back off for a while.

We completed the trip with my asking when we would get there only three more times, and complaining about the car only twice more.

"I want you to put your clothes and your money in the lock ... Patsy come here!" My aunt was droning on and on on some lecture about putting our clothes and money in a stupid locker. Heck, I only had a few dollars in my pocket, and besides this was the beach. I already had my blouse and pants off and tossed in the corner and was running for the water when my aunt called me back. What a stick in the mud!

"Ok, auntie," I sighed, "Here, take my clothes." I shoved them into her hands and started to run off again.

"Patsy, come back." She screamed.

"What now?" I yelled back. Jeeze, this woman can take all the fun out of being a kid.

"You are not to go into the water until I tell you. I want you to wait for your cousins. The three of you will go in together. It's called the 'buddy system.' Nobody is to be in the water alone."

I rolled my eyes back, and sighed, "I'm not a baby, you know."

"This has nothing to do with age," she retorted, "It's simply the safe thing to do."

"It's simply the boring thing to do." I parroted back.

"Look here," she said sternly, "I am responsible for you. I want to make sure you don't get hurt. You will NOT go in the water alone. Have I made myself clear?" She delivered the last sentence one measured word at a time. I hit another button. Time to change the tune.

"O-Kay, Aunt Jan," I said somewhat meekly.

Not that I would ever admit it, but I actually had fun with the two fuddy-duddies in the water. We splashed each other, and Jeremy carried me in the deep water on his shoulders. We were really into it when my aunt called us to come in.

My two cousins simply turned and waded for shore. Not me. "Aw, come on auntie, let us stay in!" I insisted.

"You've been out there long enough. Time to come in and take a rest!" She countered.

"I'm not tired." I yelled back.

"I don't care. I'm tired of watching you. I need a break too."

"I don't wanna come in." I demanded.

"You can't stay out there alone." She replied.

"I ain't alone. There are all kinds of people in the water." I figured if the President can quibble over the word "alone," so could I.

"Get in here now." She said firmly. Hmmm, the buttons are coming closer and close together.

I came ashore and sat in the wet sand, pouting.

Jessica spread out her towel to "work on her suntan" as she put it. I'm no dummy. She spread out her towel well away from her mom, and near a couple of teenaged boys, it wasn't rays she was so interested in catching; it was the boys' attention.

Jeremy decided that sandcastle building was his thing. "Come on, Patsy, you want to help me build?"

"No thanks!" I sulked. "Stupid sandcastles."

Well, if I'm not going to have fun, neither are they.

I noticed that one of the boys was standing next to Jessica, talking to her. I walked up and boldly declared, "Don't ask her to go out with you. Her mom would never allow it. She's just a little girl and she does everything her mommy tells her to do."

"Patsy, that's not true." Jessica said to me. Turning rapidly to the boy she said, "Don't listen to her. She's just a spoiled little brat."

"Oh yeah, if you're such a big girl, how come you still play with dolls?" I was true sort of - well, technically, collecting dolls would be a more accurate description.

"Hey look," the boy said, "if you two are going to get into it, I'm outta here."

"No stay," my cousin said, but it was too late. He was already walking away.

"Nice going, twerp!" She snarled back.

One cousin down, one to go.

"Oh Jeremy," I said in my sweetest tones. "Can I help you build?"

"Sure," the unsuspecting slob said.

A couple of "Patsy, don't do thats" later and I had his entire castle in ruins.

"You're a blockhead." He quipped. I certainly could have come up with a much more colorful turn, but I wasn't raised by Mary Poppins.

Two for two. Time to go for the hat trick. I put on my crocodile tears and went sobbing to my aunt. "Auntie, Jessica and Jeremy are being mean to me. They don't like me."

"Oh?" she said raising an eyebrow. I could see that I had her interest. "Tell me more."

"Jessica called me a twerp, and Jeremy called me a blockhead, and he won't let me play with him."

"Is that so?" She said in chillingly cold tones. Something in my stomach told me that a line was crossed, and I was standing on the wrong side. Nothing to do but go on.

"And all of this was totally unprovoked on your part, I presume." She asked.

"Oh yes, auntie, I was a good girl." I said as innocently as my conscience would allow.

The dam broke and her anger flashed. "The HELL you are! I've watched every one of your moves since you've gotten to this beach. You've tormented those two children for the last week. I would have hauled off and hit you if I were one of them days ago. They've shown you far too much patience - more than you deserve - and so have I. Enough of this. You are going to be taught a lesson, and I am going to teach it to you right now!" Her voice was loud enough to hear all over the beach.

She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the locker room. On the way by she stopped by the locker and took Jeremy's belt off his pants. Into the women's room we went. Into the valley of death rode I; or at least it seamed that way.

Her voice echoed off the cinderblock walls, reverberating with such loudness that anyone within 20 feet of the door could easily hear her. I am certain my cousins were out there listening.

"Get those bottoms off." She barked. The order was so sudden and delivered with such authority, that I found myself with my bottoms down to my knees before I could even think about it.

"Now get over here." Aunt Jan said, pointing to her lap. I laid over it submissively. She grabbed my wrists and held them up against the wall so I slanted rather than slumped over her lap.

Her words cut me long before the belt. "You have been one heck of a naughty girl. You are the most inconsiderate ... (here she brought the belt down - CRACK!) ... rude ... CRACK! ... insolent ... CRACK! ... little bitch ... CRACK! ... that had ever been spawned ... CRACK!"

"Oww. Auntie, no." I protested.

"Don't ... CRACK ... give ... CRACK ... me ... CRACK ... no!"

"Auntie, I'm ... I'm sor-sor-ry" I sobbed.

"CRACK ... sorry is to late ... CRACK ... you will learn how to behave ... CRACK ... if I have to beat it into you."

"No, no auntie. Please no."

"That's more like it ... CRACK ... Let me hear you say how sorry ... CRACK ... you are."

"I'm sorry."

"CRACK ... what's that dear? ... CRACK ... I didn't hear you ... CRACK ... say it louder."

"I'M SORRY" I sort of squeaked and yelled.

"Oh, ... CRACK ... you're not sorry enough yet ... CRACK ... Tell me why you are sorry ... CRACK"

I could hardly breathe. The lump in my throat was killing me, but I managed to blurt out. "I'm sorry for being a bad girl."

"Better ... CRACK ... are you ... CRACK ... going to ... CRACK ... bother your ... CRACK cousins again ...CRACK"

"No auntie, no, I swear I promise."

"That's for damned sure," She affirmed. "You are nothing but a snotty little kid who has to be taught her manners. There is plenty more lesson left in this." She said flicking the belt, "Just in case you forget your place in the future, missy!"

"Get up!" she commanded.

My ass and legs were on fire.

"Now, you've ruined our day enough. We are going home. I want you to go sit in the car while I get our stuff and your cousins get dressed."

I stood there sobbing.

"What are you waiting for, girl?"

"My bottoms."

"Your bottom is red enough. I will keep these." She grabbed my swim suit bottom. "You'll just walk to the car without them."

I couldn't stand there forever. Besides the glare my aunt was giving me was too uncomfortable to bear. I would have liked to put my hands in front of me to hide my private parts, but my rear end hurt too much not to rub it.

I stepped out into the sunshine. Jessica and Jeremy were there, smirking at my predicament. I am certain they heard every word, and every belt lick. I gave them a glance over my shoulder, not quite making eye contact, tears streaking down my cheeks as I walked towards the parking lot.

Have any of you ever sat with a naked butt on vinyl car seats on a July afternoon with a well strapped behind?

end of female domination, femdom story