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"I'm really worried about Ms. Dingle's history test. I tried reading the book, but … well, I just never got into it," Billy said. Billy was on the verge of failing yet one more subject. He was sure he'd be grounded forever.

"Jenny and I have the answers to the test. Jenny's sister had Ms. Dingle last year. She always gives the same tests over and over," said Susan.

"Susan, buddy, friend, how about you girls helping me out?"

"I don't know. What's in if for us?"

"I'll do anything. Just give me the answers."

"Anything?" the girls replied in typical 4th grade sing-song fashion.

"Well, just about anything. What do you want?"

"Well," Susan said as she swung her upper body back and forth, "Jenny and me. What do Jenny and me want?" she went on teasingly.

Suddenly Jenny grabbled Susan by the arm, cupped her hand, put it to Susan's ear and whispered something to her. Susan's face lit up and then blushed.

"Jenny says that if you want the answers, you have to pants Bobby Green in front of us."


"You heard me, we want you to pull down Bobby Green's pants in front of us."

"I can't do that. I'll get expelled. I'll have detention for a thousand years."

"OK, then. Jenny and I will keep the answers to ourselves. We'll get A's while you get an F." Susan said, spinning on her heel to walk away.

"Wait!" Billy said, running to get in front of the girls. "I'll do it."

"Good. Meet us in the hallway behind the teacher's lounge right after lunch."

"How am I going to get Bobby there?"

"That's your problem. No Bobby. No pants down. No answers. See you after lunch. Ta-ta."

Billy brooded all through math class trying to figure out how to dupe his friend into this trick. I finally came to him.

Billy caught up to his victim in the hall after class, "Hey Bobby, wait up, I have something to show you."

"What is it, man."

"Well I can't show it to you here. Follow me, I'll show you when we get there."

"Get where?"

"You'll see when you get there."

"This better be good."

"It is," Billy promised. What he didn't say was good for the girls, good for him, but not so good for Bobby.

The two boys made their way to the hallway behind the teacher's lounge. "Hey that's Susan and Jenny. What are they doing here?"

"They're part of the surprise." Billy said as he grabbed Bobby's pants and yanked down hard.

The girls squealed and then giggled. Not only had Billy managed to get Bobby's pants down, but his underwear as well.

Susan and Jenny stood there giggling and pointing. Then suddenly they let out a screech and said, "Ewe, gross! Why did you do that?"

Billy felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Ms. Dingle. "What's going on here?" She demanded.

Jenny was quick to provide an answer, "Billy told us to meet us here. He said he had something to show us. He didn't tell us it would be THAT," she said pointing at Bobby's privates.

"OK, all of you to Ms. Reed's office. NOW!" The troop proceeded fearfully towards the principal's office. Ms. Harding, the secretary, asked what the commotion was all about, and Ms. Dingle filled her in on what she saw.

"That does sound serious. I better get you in to see Ms. Reed immediately."

Ms. Reed took all their stories separately. The only thing Bobby knew is that he was set up. The girls backed each other up. So, the only one without a good story was Billy.

Ms. Reed came to a quick decision. "Billy, that was a very rude and inconsiderate thing you did. You embarrassed your friend, and you scandalized the girls by exposing him to them."

First I want you to apologize to them all.

Billy stammered out an apology.

"And now for your punishment. You will get a sound spanking from Ms Dingle. In accordance with school policy, your victims have the opportunity to watch." Without consulting Bobby, whom she merely assumed would stay to watch, she turned to the girls and said, "The spanking will be pants down. If this will upset you, you are free to leave."

Both girls answered in unison trying not to sound too excited, "We'll stay."

"Ms Dingle, please proceed."

Ms Dingle yanked Billy up by one arm, and before he could wrestle it free, she had his pants and underwear down with the other.

The girls smiled with glee. This was the second boy thingie they saw in less than 15 minutes! School can be so much fun at times.

Ms Dingle administered solid whacks to Billy's behind and legs. Within minutes he was dancing off the end of her arm like a puppet. As the Girls' Tennis Coach, Ms Dingle had a powerful forearm, and her hand prints were soon all over Billy's back side.

Billy was yammering like anything, and pleading that he promised to be a good boy, all to no avail as Ms Dingle wasn't done with him until SHE decided she was done with him. That wasn't until several dozen strokes were administered.

By the time she was done, Billy's face was red, as were his eyes, and most of all his rear end. His voice was hoarse and he was sobbing.

The girls giggled as they went back to class. "That turned out better than I could ever have dreamed. Imagine that, TWO boys in one day. That's got to be some sort of record. None of the other girls will ever believe us."

To be fair to the girls, Billy did get an "A" on the history test.

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