Double Cross

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Double Cross

"Oh no," Ann complained, "here comes that stuck up Laura."

"I wonder whose boyfriend she stole this time." I mused aloud. "Just because she's the first one to get boobs, the boys go crazy over her."

"Hi girls," she said with her sickening cheerful voice. "You'll never guess who asked me to the dance."

I was sick of her bragging, but I had to know. "I'm not even going to try," I said with resignation.

"Bobby Aster!"

"Bobby's Stacy's boyfriend," Ann protested, "How can you do that to one of us! I thought we had a deal. No girl in our group steals another girl's boyfriend."

"Can I help it if Stacy isn't 'woman enough' for him." Laura smirked.

That did it. This was WAR. I cut the conversation short. "Well, have fun at the dance," I announced hastily and then added, "C'mon Ann, we have that errand we have to run."

Ann waited until were out of earshot and then asked, "What errand?"

"Don't be a fool, Ann, if you can help it." I said rather unsympathetically. I was in a foul mood, and I really shouldn't be taking it out on Ann. "We have to talk with Stacy and Bonnie about this."

About this time, I saw Danny, my brother and his alter-ego, Josh. Danny wasn't bad as older brothers go. He gave me a fair amount of teasing, but I deserved most of it. Josh was a dreamboat; all the girls wanted him as a boyfriend.

"What's the matter, Sis?" Danny asked.

I filled him in on Laura's latest stunt. "It makes me so mad," I concluded.

"Don't get mad. Don't get even. Get ahead." That's my brother for you always practical.

"You have something in mind?" I asked.

"I sure do," he said as he disclosed his plan to us.

We had no problem selling the idea to Stacy and Bonnie.

"Laura, are you going to the big dance?" Josh asked.

"Well … err … that is …" she stammered. "Are you asking me?"

"I could be," Josh shot back. "Let's take a walk and talk about it."

The walk led to a secluded wooded part of a local park. There, waiting for the couple were Ann, Bonnie, Stacy, my brother and me.

When the couple reached the clearing, the trap was sprung!

Us girls rushed Laura as the boys stood back and positioned themselves to cut off her retreat. We wrestled her to the ground and turned her over on her stomach. Stacy pulled her dress up as I pulled down her panties.

Bonnie looked back at the boys who smiled at the whole affair and said, "Josh, do you want to do the honors?"

Josh stepped forward and knelt beside Laura. I watched with satisfaction as he paddled her bare ass red.

SPANK! "You little tramp." SPANK! "Never turn on your friends." SPANK! "Don't lead boys on." SPANK! … and so it went until tears flowed down the humiliated girl's face.

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