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His Spanking

"It's not fair, mom." I protested. "Gary and Tony and me got the whole summer planned."

It was the last week of school and my mom just informed me that I would be spending the first month of my vacation at my Aunt Helen's house. "You need the fresh air," she told me. "Won't it be fun to go fishing with your cousins Jenny and Jackie?"

"Aw, mom. Don't make me hang around with dumb old girls." Actually my twin cousins weren't any older than me. In fact they were a month younger.

"Bob, I thought you liked the girls." Mom went on.

"I do but ..." How could I tell mom that I liked some other girls even better. Gary and Tony and me had plans to watch them at the pool this summer, and now mom was sending me up to play with my cousins. They were nice enough girls, but they were my cousins. They did neat things like fishing and hiking, but I was outgrowing those kinds of things. It wasn't likely that I was going to get any girl watching done on this trip.

"But what?" mom said.

"But nothing," I said dejectedly. I was a teenager! A man! Mom wanted me to play with girls. How am I going to hit on Mary Ellen when I'm hundreds of miles away? By the time I get back, she'll probably be dating Tony or Gary.

So, the school year ended, and the next day I get stuffed on a bus heading out into the sticks. At first the bus made a couple of stops at some shopping centers, and then I knew I was getting close when the last couple of stops were at gas stations with nothing else around. At least my stop was downtown hick town.

The bus got off the interstate and onto some back road. We crept across the railroad tracks and onto the main street. I hoped the brakes worked. If they didn't we'd roll right through the town before anyone knew it. With a loud belch, the bus came to a stop in front of the store. I really didn't know what kind of a store to call it. They had a lunch counter, and sold clothes and fishing equipment and everything else. It was sort of like a Walmart, only much smaller.

I saw my aunt waving at me from the curb. I got off, got the obligatory hug and kiss, and went to retrieve my baggage. As she led me to her car, she explained, "Bobby, the girls are eager to see you."

"Bobby!" I thought. I stopped using that name years ago. Bobby sounds so feminine. Bob is short, powerful, a boy's - no - a man's name. Well, that's the way my aunt knew me so I let her get away with it.

My aunt continued, "They aren't here now because this is their last day of school." I guess they had a few more snow days than we did. "They should be home by the time we get there though."

I sat in the right seat staring out the window at cows zipping past us backwards at 55 miles per hour for most of the route. My aunt tried to make small talk, but I just wasn't in the mood for conversation. We sat mostly in silence for the half hour it took to get from the berg to the sticks. I nearly choked on the dust kicked up by the tires on the dirt road leading to her house.

As the car pulled up to the house, I wondered if we had the right place. There were strangers coming out of the house and waiting for us on the porch: good looking strangers. There stood two teenage girls that looked healthy and well, how can I say this - stacked! Then the shock hit me. These were my cousins! They had certainly changed since I saw them when they came to visit a couple of years ago. These were some sexy looking girls.

The last time I saw them, they were a couple of tomboys, a little effeminate - they still played with dolls and wore dresses on Sunday, but they would just as soon chuck the dress and Mary Janes for jeans and sneakers as soon as church was over.

Not today! Gone was the short-cropped little girl haircuts. Now was shoulder-length blond hair neatly fixed in a flip at their collars. They were wearing short sleeved blouses which pushed out ever so slightly and teasingly at the chest. These were neatly tucked into shorts that conformed to their nicely rounded asses and showed every bit of leg. About the only thing little girl about these outfits were the socks and sneakers. It gave them a wholesome look of innocence.

I knew these girls were my cousins but I had an erection in spite of myself. They came running to the car as soon as it stopped. I barely got out before one of them (at this point, I could tell who was who) had her arms around my neck and was kissing my cheek. The other one gabbed hold of my arm and gently pried me away from her sister to have her turn.

The girls were genuinely eager to be with their "big" cousin (I was a couple of months older after all.) from the "big" city. Recognizing this inflated my ego beyond all proportions. I think I was going to like the month I was to spend here. I was out to impress girls, and here were two of the sexiest I'd seen, and I got to be with them day and night for a whole month! I put on my best moves to impress them.

The girls hung on my every word as I told them about trips to the mall or the movies with my friends. They were so far away from everything that they had to depend upon their mom to get them anywhere. I told them how we would cruise around in Tony's older brother's car; (OK, he drove us to school a couple of times); and they still took the school bus. I was spinning every yarn I had to impress them with my independence and worldliness.

I think I might have overdone it a little bit as I caught only the slightest trace of sarcasm in my aunt's voice as she said, "OK, that's enough with the tall tales. It's time the three of you get to bed!" That was just fine with me. I had something even more exciting planned to show them the following day.

The following morning was even better than the night before. I was awakened by Jenny who knocked gently on the door and stuck her head in. I rolled over and smiled at her. She opened the door fully and came into the room a couple of steps and said, "Mom says get up. Breakfast is ready, and you'll miss it if you sleep in."

I hardly heard what she said. I was looking at a girl in a nightgown that flowed so nicely with her young figure. It was not the flannel top and pants I last saw her in as sleepwear. The morning sun made it shimmer, and I swear, in some poses it was transparent. Again, in spite of myself, I had an erection. I was afraid to leave the covers for fear that she would see it.

I excused myself telling her that I would be right down, but I needed to get "decent." She giggled at my modesty.

The girls came down in long sleeved shirts and jeans. Their hair was pulled back into short, jaunty pony tails. I wondered at this since it was supposed to be a warm day. I was hoping to get a look at them in their shorts. I found out that they were dressed this way because they planned to go horseback riding. They suggested I get dressed the same way so I could join them.

Horseback riding? That could be fun. I remembered some of those really old westerns where cowboys rode "tall in the saddle." The movies were kind of corny, but riding horses seemed like a guy thing to do.

The first little hiss of air in my balloon-inflated ego came from my aunt. "I know you don't have any boots, so you can wear mine." Oh well, who else is going to see me anyway.

"We thought we'd go up to the Carlson's and meet up with Laurie and Kelly and ride up to the lake for a picnic." Jenny announced.

"Who's Laurie and Kelly?" I asked.

"Laurie's in our class at school. Kelly is her kid sister."

Oh great! More kids. Well, maybe Laurie would be a cutie.

"Oh," Jackie said to me suddenly, "Don't forget to bring your bathing suit."

My ego deflated a little more about an hour later as I was hopping around with one foot on the ground and another in the stirrup trying to get on a horse. The girls couldn't help but laugh at my predicament. Jackie demonstrated the proper technique, hopping up and down off her horse as easily as I got in and out of bed. Jenny was holding the rein of my horse trying to keep it steady for me.

I eventually got up on my horse and was led around the corral (as I supposed it must have been called) with Jenny leading my horse. I felt like a kid on a pony ride. (But one damned big pony this was).

I was eventually allowed to "solo" as the girls instructed me on how to ride the horse. There was a lot more to it than just sitting there and saying "giddyap!" I was acutely aware of the distance between where I was sitting and the ground. It took the better part of the morning, but I got to the point where I could get the horse pointed where I wanted it to go as it sauntered along at its own slow pace. This was hardly the galloping fury depicted on TV or in the movies, but it was all I could handle.

My ego got even more limp when I found out that the horse I was riding was an old mare that my aunt rode. They selected this horse because of her gentle disposition. The girls were riding much more spirited horses. I was amazed at how skillfully they could control these large, powerful beasts between their legs.

We rode along slowly and eventually got to Laurie's house. It felt good to get down off the horse for a brief while. My hopes for Laurie were dashed. She wasn't an ugly girl, but still looked very little girl with even some "baby fat" on her. I guess girls mature at different rates, and my cousins were leading in this area. Kelly was a couple of years younger, and had potential, but still had a long way to go.

I repeated my hopping act only briefly getting back on a second time. Now I had four girls laughing at me. Their mom yelled out, "Laurie, Kelly, stop that. I'm sure he's trying his best. Even you didn't get it right when you were young girls." I am sure she meant it kindly, but to me it sounded like I was as unskilled as a little girl. Hsss - more air out of the balloon.

We "mounted up" and headed for the lake. Jackie had to warn Laurie and Kelly, "Let's take it easy so Bobby can keep up." Ouch!

The events at the lake were actually quite fun. We had packed a nice lunch, and I felt good as the girls spread out the blanket and served me at our picnic. This was more like it! It got even better once we decided to go swimming. The girls stripped off their boots, shirts and jeans to reveal their swimwear. All of them were wearing one-piece suits, but these still showed my cousins' figures nicely. I was glad I was not wearing my tight bathing suit. I wouldn't want them to see my erection.

Nonetheless, there was a bulge at the crotch of my swimming trunks. The older girls seemed to notice. Kelly was probably too young to know what was going on. My cousins started taking poses to show off their bodies. Those little minxes knew they were teasing their older cousin and had no mercy.

I had no other action other than to run off and literally jump in the lake. I lamely made up some excuse, "Last one in the water is a rotten egg." It was the ultimate in corny expressions, and I am certain I lost a bunch of ego points with everyone including Kelly, but I couldn't bear the scrutiny any more. The water was freezing, and that helped to quench my steaming erection.

The girls joined me shortly thereafter, and that didn't help. While the cold water managed to deflate my erection, it caused something on the older girls to erect and poke at the tops of their bathing suits. More than once they caught me staring at them. My ego balloon was now less than half full. Oh well, maybe I could reinflate it later on.

We finished off the afternoon sunning ourselves on the warm beach. I deliberately lay on my stomach, and kept my eyes shut tight so I wouldn't have to be tempted by the girls. A cool dude does not let a girl know that she has this effect on him.

The best thing that happened that afternoon was that I was able to get on my horse without too much embarrassment. As we rode back I heard Jenny ask Laurie, "Are you going to the dance tonight?"

Laurie replied, "Sure, I hear that Warren Giles is going to be there." Apparently Warren was a local on whom Laurie had a crush.

"Good," Jenny replied, "We'll see you there." Laurie and Kelly turned off and rode away towards their house, being glad to pick up the pace from slowpoke me.

As they rode away, I asked my cousins, "What dance"

They giggled, and almost in stereo answered, "The Grange Dance."

"O - kaaay," I said, "What's a grange dance."

They answered quite obviously, "It's a dance. ... at the grange!"

I asked what a grange was, and got the idea that it was a place where farmers met, PTA meetings were held, and even wedding receptions arranged.

This was more like it. A dance. Now they were operating in my element. I could show them a thing or two.

We got back and the girls showed me how to undo the saddle and put away the horses. We got to clean out the stalls as well. We were just putting one of the horses back in his stall when his penis extended and a stream of urine flushed out of it. I no longer had any doubts as to where the expression "hung like a horse" came from. I wondered if the girls had noticed. I don't think there is any way they could not.

Jackie made a pouting look at the animal and in mock indignity said, "Sure, you couldn't do that outside or before we cleaned your stall!"

She turned to me and smiled, "He'll be OK. The wood chips will absorb it."

Jenny urged us, "Come on, we have to get cleaned up so we can have dinner and get to the dance."

The girls showered and changed in to a cute sundress each, and still wore those girl-style sneakers - how small town of them! None of the girls back home would think of wearing sneakers with a dress. In fact, even when dressed in jeans they wouldn't be caught dead in those plain things.

My aunt drove the three of us to the grange.

The dance was sort of what I expected, a bunch of local middle school hicks - I almost expected the boys to show up in overalls and sucking on a wheat stalk - chaperoned by a couple of adults and a really old tape player being run by a DJ who had only a vague notion of the kind of music we'd like. Not all of the music was bad. I recognized a couple of older tunes that were OK.

But I wasn't there to dance. I was there to impress. I really wish mom had let me get that piercing I wanted so I could really show these kids what's what. I checked out the girls, and there were some pretty ones there, but none as pretty as my very own cousins. My cousins seemed to know everybody, and once the boys figured out that I was their cousin and not their date, some of them approached me to get to them. This didn't displease me at all. I liked having a fan club even if some of the members were boys.

I decided to make my move about an hour after we got there. I talked my cousins and two of the boys to come outside with me "for a breath of fresh air." When we got out there, I offered them each a smoke.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out five slightly rumpled cigarettes. There was no way with my aunt watching I could smuggle out my full pack. Tony's brother was my supplier of cigarettes - he could get them and charged Tony and Gary and me fully twice the price, but I guess that's how he could afford to buy his.

I offered them to the group. "C'mon, all the kids in the city smoke." I told them. I was met with silence. "Don't you want to be cool?" I asked them.

Jackie spoke up first. "Mom would kill us."

"Don't be such a chicken." I protested. "It's nothing."

The girls declined, but the boys took me up on the offer, and soon all three of us were puffing and trying not to cough and trying to look so sophisticated in front of the girls. Suddenly I saw a shocked expression on the boys' faces just as I felt a presence behind me. I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder, and was slowly, yet irresistibly turned around to face one of the chaperones. He was definitely a farm boy, as broad in the shoulders and he was tall.

"What's your name boy?" he asked.

I said nothing.

Jackie volunteered the information, "Please don't do anything to him, Mr. Carlson. He's our cousin, Bobby."

"Well, Bobby," he said solemnly, "You're in for some big trouble. Kids your age shouldn't be smoking."

Turning to the other boys, he said, "And you are no better off. I'll be talking with your parents."

And he did ... as well as talking with my aunt. It was not a pleasant drive home as my aunt lectured me on the evils of smoking. "And who knows what else you'll do. I have to watch out for my girls." She sighed as we pulled to a stop next to her house. "It's late. I want all of you in bed as soon as we get in."

Looking at me solidly, she said, "I will deal with you in the morning!"

I had a difficult time sleeping knowing that I was in trouble. There was very little air left in my ego balloon. I couldn't afford to lose any more.

I got up the next morning, got dressed and made my way down to the kitchen. My aunt was already there as well as my two cousins. They were in their shorts outfits again, and in spite of my worriment about my punishment, I still got aroused how well those outfits showed off their femininity.

After serving me breakfast in stone silence, my aunt finally spoke to me. "Look, your mother and I didn't exactly discuss what to do if you got in trouble. I didn't expect the matter to come up, but I AM responsible for your discipline."

At the word "discipline" I saw Jenny and Jackie exchange glances and giggle. Their mom shot them a look that is universal between mothers and their children, "That's enough out of you."

My aunt went on. "You are going to have to be punished, and since I think that you are too big for your britches, you are going to lose them while I spank you."

My mind translated her sentence in reverse order. The first thing I was aware of was that I was going to get a spanking. It was so long since my mom spanked me that I could barely remember it. Hey, I was almost 13. That's too old to get a spanking. This was totally deflating to my ego. There was no way I was going to subject myself to a little kid's punishment. And my aunt even suggested it in front of my cousins! How humiliating.

Then it dawned on me; not only was I to get a spanking ... it was to be a bare-assed spanking! It was bad enough that my cousins knew that I was going to get a spanking; now they knew it was going to be on my bare behind.

I pleaded with my aunt, "Please don't. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I promise." The litany of every kid who is just about to get punished.

"I know you won't do it again, and I know you are sorry, but perhaps you aren't sorry enough. You'll really be sorry when I get done with you. Now off to the parlor with you. Let's get this over with."

I was bewildered. The parlor? Why not the privacy of my bedroom? I looked at my aunt like an animal trapped in a corner.

She just laughed at me. "Come on now. When we have matters of discipline to deal with in this house. We get them over quickly. Let's go."

She took me by the hand and led me into the room. I saw that Jenny and Jackie were following. "What about them?" I asked.

"What about them?" my aunt answered. "You tried to get them to smoke too. They've been wronged, and they are going to watch you get spanked."

"But ..."

"But what?"

"But, they're girls."

My aunt laughed again, "I know they're girls. I've know that for 12 years."

"I can't take my clothes off in front of them!"

"Yes, you can. It's very simple. You undo the belt, slide down the zipper, pull the pants down ..."

I started to cry. There was no ego left at all. I was completely humbled. I didn't even have a shred of dignity left.

Jackie said, "Come on Bobby, it's OK. We know what boys look like. Most of our friends have baby brothers. We have animals all over the place, and I bet they have a lot bigger than what you've got." I don't know if she was trying to comfort me or make fun of me.

My face, already red from crying, blushed even more. I was hoping I could crawl across my aunt's lap and have her pull down my pants just enough to expose my rear end. But that was not to be. By "bare assed" she meant, "bare bodied." I was directed to take off all my clothes and put them on a chair.

Shedding my clothing was like shedding the very last vestiges of my dignity. I was the big shot city boy and here I was being punished like a toddler in front of my two sexy cousins no less. This couldn't be happening. This must be a bad dream. But it wasn't; the chill of the morning air on my chest as I removed my shirt reminded me of that.

The last two items to come off were my short and underwear. Somehow I screwed up enough courage to pull them down, and I know in my rational mind that it took me only a matter of less than a minute to complete my disrobing. But at the time it seemed that my exposing myself was taking hours.

At last I was totally naked in front of my female audience. My aunt, perhaps, was too busy concentrating on the task she was to perform since she didn't notice the reaction of her daughters. They were smirking and giggling silently behind hands covering their mouths. Jackie whispered something to her sister, and Jenny's face lit up. I am normally suspicious when girls whisper to each other, but this time I had no doubt it was about me.

I could feel the weight of six female eyes on my young penis.

My aunt made me get over her lap; fortunately facing away from the girls. I knew that they got a better view of the spanking in that position, but I don't think I could take facing them.

The spanks came raining down in measured beat. My aunt quickly established a rhythm. Each slap stung, but the experience wasn't really that painful. I have been hurt a lot worse. The worst of the damage was done long before I got over her lap. It really didn't matter how hard or light my aunt spanked me.

The real hurt was inside. Each spank that stung the skin shattered the fragile fabric of my ego. I wanted to so much impress my cousins, and I succeeded in a way I would never dream of in my darkest nightmare.

My aunt finally stopped spanking me and let me get up. She grabbed my arm and spun me around to face her daughters one last time and made me apologize to them for trying to get them to smoke. I did so without ever saying a clear word, and without ever looking beyond my toes.

With a final swat, my aunt sent me on my way. I grabbed my clothes and ran upstairs. I didn't come down for hours.

The rest of my stay was uneventful. I declined horseback riding that particular day for the obvious reasons. My cousins and I rode, swam, went to dances, and otherwise had a nice time in the sunshine. Their friends were naturally curious about what happened after the dance, and there were a lot of whispered conversations going in with kids giggling and looking my way. I am certain that by the time I left, the entire county knew of my naked spanking. For their part, my cousins never actually mentioned the spanking to me again. However, there is always that subtle smirk on their faces whenever we meet, even until this day.

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