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Paying the Bills

"Really, Bill, I wish you didn't make me do this." She scowled.

"You know how it is, honey. We need the money. If the customer is willing to pay a little extra, then we take care of him, understand?" Bill replied.

"Yes, I understand, but that doesn't mean I have to like it."

"I'm not asking you to like it. I'm just asking you to do it."

She sighed, "OK, honey. Who is it and what is it tonight?"

"We got a real heavy-hitter tonight; a really rich Asian businessman."

"Another Asian?" She queried. "What is it with these guys and you?"

"I'm sorry honey, but they're necessary for the business right now."

"OK, what's his kink?"

"He's into spanking."

"Giving or receiving?" She asked.

"Getting, and by the way, he'd really appreciate it if you wore the school teacher outfit."

"Good, I'm getting tired of wearing the cheerleader outfit. I think our daughter is getting suspicious."

"I'm sorry honey, we have to give the customers what they want."

"Arrgh," she growled, "I hope you appreciate what I do just to make sure you get ahead."

"I do, dear, I do." He said to placate her. "Please hurry, he'll be here any minute now.

The "gentleman" arrived at 7 PM and they wined and dined him and treated him like royalty.

After dinner and some "business conversation," the couple retired as Bill went to his office to attend to some late night business.

She closed the door behind her and dropped immediately into one of her many roles. "So, you've been a naughty boy! You know what we do to naughty boys. You should be ashamed of what you did. And to make you ashamed, you will take off your clothes to get the spanking you so richly deserve. I want you to take your pants off, NOW!"

So demanding was her demeanor, that the tycoon unfastened his belt at once and unbuttoned his pants. He quickly lowered them and stepped out following immediately with his underpants.

"Good boy. Now, turn around and let me see what you've got. Hold up your shirttails so I can see."

He blushed as he did his slow pirouette in front of her. She smiled at him and said, "Very impressive!" She didn't believe a word of it, but it's what you have to say to get a bigger tip.

Pointing to her lap she said, "Now get here and get over my knee, young man. I'm going to give you a thrashing you'll never forget." And she did. No less than 50 solid whacks on his bare behind. He was very excited when she was done. "Now, go stand in the corner and think about this," she said, wiping the sweat off her brow.

The guest awoke the next morning and came out to breakfast. Bill looked at him and said, "So, Mr. Wu, how'd you like your stay in the Lincoln Bedroom?"

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