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"Does everyone have a quarter to get in?"

"Yes, Ms. Brown," we all answered in unison.

"Does anyone have to go to the bathroom before we leave?"

"No, Ms. Brown," our chorus responded.

"Good, now get in the bus and no fighting. The first kid that misbehaves will have to deal with me."

I wasn't worried. Her threat wasn't aimed at me or any of the other girls. We know how to behave. It's the boys that always act up and get us into trouble, especially Billy. He's always in trouble.

I was looking forward to this field trip. Not that museums are all that exciting, but they sure do beat sitting in the classroom all day. I hope that Billy doesn't do anything to spoil the day. I was happy that he was not sitting near me on the bus.

It didn't take us long to get on the road, and it didn't take us long before we were all singing, and it didn't take Billy long to start singing silly words to the songs and singing off key and making it hard to keep singing. After a while, we all gave up and just started talking.

We had just gotten on the main road when I heard Sally say, "Hey. Stop that!" A couple of minutes later I heard her again, "Billy, cut it out!" I had no idea what was happening until Helen yelled out, "Ms. Brown, Billy's messing Sally's book bag."

"Knock it off, Billy," Ms. Brown said sternly. "Don't make me turn the bus around."

That quieted us down quite a bit except for us girls who were giggling.

I was enjoying looking out the window at the farms and trees and mountains along side the highway when I saw that Ms. Brown was checking her rearview mirror a lot. "Billy, sit down!" she barked.

Another couple of miles down the road, I could hear another commotion from the back of the bus. Helen, our ever-vigilant tattletale made the report, "Ms. Brown, Billy's fighting with Gary."

"Billy, cut that out right now, and sit down. Don't make me stop this bus."

This was turning out to be a very unhappy trip.

We hadn't even made it to the next exit when Helen cried out, "Ms. Brown, Billy's hitting me."

Ms. Brown said nothing, but slowed the bus and pulled off the next exit. I wondered why she did this. We were in the middle of nowhere. The museum was in the city. She stopped at the end of the ramp and turned into a gas station. "Do we need gas?" I wondered. We never had to stop before.

Instead of pulling up to the pumps, Ms. Brown pulled the bus off to the side. She turned to me and said, "Ann, you're in charge here. Don't let anyone off the bus."

She got out, walked to the back door, opened it, and crooked her finger and wiggled it in a "come with me" motion at Billy. "Get out, Billy. We are going to settle this right now." Billy looked at the rest of us with that smug look that he always has like he's saying, "Hah, she can't do anything to me."

Well, he was wrong. She pulled him over to the side of the building. At first I couldn't hear her because the windows were closed. So I opened them so the rest of the kids and me could hear. I managed to catch the following, "… last time you are going to misbehave in my bus. You are going to get a spanking right now."

"No way," Billy shot back.

Before I knew what happened, Ms. Brown had Billy's arm pinned behind his back. She reached around front with her other hand, undid Billy's belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled them down! His underwear came with it! I could see his naked butt and that wasn't all. I could see EVERYTHING.

Ms. Brown pulled the belt from his pants and started spanking his behind with it. How he yelped!

The reaction on the bus was entirely different. At first we sat there in stunned silence. Then us girls started giggling as Billy's pants came down, but once Ms. Brown started spanking him, we all cheered, even the boys.

We all laughed as we watched Billy try to dance only he couldn't because his pants were down around his ankles.

Ms. Brown didn't stop spanking him until his rear end was all read, and Billy was crying like anything, and begging her to stop and promising her that he would be good.

When it was all over, Billy stood there rubbing his sore behind, not even trying to cover up his front.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Ms. Brown asked.

Billy just nodded.

"We're not going to have any more trouble on my bus are we?"

"No ma'am," he mumbled.

"Good, now get your ass back on my bus."

Billy went to pull up his pants.

"Oh no you don't," Ms. Brown admonished, "You're making the rest of this trip pants-down."

We all laughed at Billy as he shuffled his way back to the bus. I have no idea how it must have felt for him. Physically, that is. The seats were hard and scratchy. That could not have felt good on his red hiney.

His face was almost as red as his hiney. I know I would have been embarrassed to death if I got spanked in front of all my friends. I don't think that Ms. Brown really hurt him that much, but he cried for the rest of the trip. I sort of felt bad for him, but it was nice to see him get what he deserved.

He was so well behaved in the museum and on the way home, but by the next morning, there wasn't a kid in school that hadn't heard the story of "Billy's Spanking."

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