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The group of teenagers were gathered around the bulletin board in the hallway. There were some gaffaws and giggles, and just a few blushes among some of the girls. The source of the amusement was a picture of Amy Johnson, the head cheerleader. What made it amusing was that it was not a most flattering picture.

Amy's car had broken down in the parking lot, and although not exceptionally mechanically inclined, she had enough sense to open the hood and look for something obvious. Eventually a small brigade of boys showed up to help her out with her problem, but not until she had looked under the hood herself. So here she is bent over with her butt up in the air (and at the angle the photograph was taken, it looked more oversized than it actually was). It wasn't difficult to follow her legs up to see just a little of her panties where her skirt had ridden up.

Although the perspective of the photograph didn't show her face, most of the people knew it was she. To help out those that didn't, whoever posted the picture printed her name on it.

Amy was just as curious as everyone else when she saw the crowd in the hall. When she saw the picture, she blushed and ran off to the girls' room followed by her best friend Carolyn.

Mr. Dunsmore, the principle, put an end to the gawking by walking up to the board and ripping the picture down. However, the damage was done. By third period, the legend of "All Ass Amy" was all over the school.

Terri was the next target. On her locker was taped a calendar. The calendar had several consecutive days marked out in red, and on the day previous to the succession of red was a reminder that read, "Buy Kotex." It didn't matter that the calendar had no basis in reality. How could a girl possibly explain it without incurring more embarrassment?

Carolyn was next in line. Carolyn was fond of food, and it showed in her figure. She was one of the younger girls, and perhaps was still fighting off some of her "baby fat." The school year was sufficiently advanced for the students to have settled into routines. On HER chair in the cafeteria was taped a picture of hogs at the trough.

These incidents were happening too frequently for them to be isolated cases. The girls were becoming nervous, and the school appointed Ms. West to hold some support sessions for them after school. In addition to addressing the current problem, Ms. West also worked on the girls' self-esteem. The sessions took on a life of their own, and were an immediate hit with almost every girl in the school. The sessions became so crowded that they had to be moved to the lecture hall.

Although the pranks continued, the girls seemed to handle them better. The sessions were a good place for them to express their anger, and to get good feedback from their classmates and Ms. West.

Similar classes conducted by Mr. Dunesmore to raise the sensitivity of the boys were cancelled after the first couple of days due to lack of participation.

Then there was the weekend when IT happened. The school's answering machine was overloaded with messages about the pictures on the school's web site. The pictures showed upskirt shots of many of the girls, apparently taken from below one of the cafeteria's tables. The web page even issued a challenge to guess which girl was in each picture. Under each picture were multiple choice radio buttons with girls' names on them.

Ms. West's next session was attended by nearly every girl in the school.

Ms. West had to stand and wave her hands to quiet the indignant rage of the crowd. "I know you girls are very upset, she said," pulling herself up to her full 5 foot 11 inch height. "But I have some good news. Thanks to the help of one of our own, Patsy Walker, I think we have found a way to finish this affair."

Patsy was an archetypical nerd-girl: five foot two, skinny, braces, eyeglasses, and a face so unremarkable that it could easily get lost in a crowd. She was sociable enough with the girls, and had friends among them in a fashion. Hardly a boy in the school knew who she was.

However, the boy who was pulling this prank knew her. She was his target on more than one occasion. For her part, she considered somewhat of an honor to receive the attention, and besides being called a "brainiac" wasn't exactly the worst insult he called girls.

Ms. West went on, "Patsy set some spyware at work on the school's computer system, and it located not only the source of the web site embarrassment, but also the perpetrator of most of the other pranks. There are photographs, signs and all other manner of incriminating evidence. Boys are stupid, or at least this boy was, not to have at least try to erase those files."

She turned towards the door. "Mr. Dunesmore?"

Mr. Dunsmore walked in, leading Jimmy Hoffman in front of him. All he said was, "He's all yours. I'll close the door when I leave." Catcalls, whistles, boos and some very ungentlegirlly-like language greeted the boy.

"Girls, girls, please quiet down. Please listen to Mr. Donesmore," Ms. West pleaded as she tried to regain control over an angry mob of schoolgirls.

When order was restored, Mr. Dunsmore turned to the crowd and said, "I don't know what will go on here, and none of you girls will tell me. Do we have an understanding?" There were knowing smiles and nods as he left. The door closed in the now silent room with an ominous clang.

Ms. West had Jimmy retrieve the chair from behind her desk as she proclaimed his doom. "Girls, I only have a half dozen rulers, so you will have to share them. Each girl who was a victim of Jimmy's prank will line up and take one and pass it along when you are done. I will get him prepared and start."

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