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Racquetball Lesson

The once-monthly Wednesday Women's night at the health club. How I looked forward to it!

"You"re getting the hang of it, Courtney," Megan told me. "Next time put a little more wrist into it." She handed me another racquetball. I bounced it a couple of times with my left hand, and gave it one final bounce. I swung at it and caught a piece of it and sent it careening off to the side to hit the wall on my right.

"You have to keep your eye on the ball!" Megan said for what seemed to be the fifteenth time. It was difficult to do. There was so much distraction. I heard giggles from above me.

I looked up and saw some of the other women from the club looking over the railing. One of them gave me some encouragement, "Don't worry, girl, you"ll get used to it. We've all had to learn the game at one time or another."

Megan continued her lecture. "You have to hit the ball squarely. It's the only way to control it and get some power behind it. Let me show you one more time." She dropped the ball, and it all seemed like slow motion to me when she did it as it sunk slowly to the floor and rebounded. There was a horizontal blur, a loud "POOM!" and the blue rubber sphere sizzled towards its target. "You see," she said, "I never took my eyes off the ball until I felt it contact. Now you try it again."

I concentrated intensely at the place in space where I expected the ball to be when I was ready to hit it. I tried to block out my surroundings. I wish I had blinders. I was determined not to move my head until after I heard it hit. I took a couple of practice swings just to get my timing and space down. I dropped the ball. It hit the floor softly and bounced back up to exactly where I wanted it. I could already feel my arm moving forward. I could feel the power transfer as racquet met ball. "POOM!" I knew in a split second that I had made good contact.

Only then did I raise my head to look down court ... just in time to see my ball hit the rear end of the naked man kneeling in front of the wall. There were round red marks on his behind from where Megan had made contact previously, and now I added my mark to her score. The giggling above me had stopped, and was now replaced with applause.

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