A Sunday Spanking

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A Sunday Spanking

"Chrissie, I'm leaving now!" I shouted up the stairs. I hated leaving my 11-year-old daughter alone, but I wouldn't be gone that long to church and the trip to market afterwards. "Are you going to be OK, sweetie, and are you sure you don't need anything from the store?"

"I'm OK, mom. My stomach hurts, that's all. You better hurry or you will be late."

She was right. I was running late. I suppose it will be OK; just an upset stomach on her part, not even a decent fever. I guess she'll be all right for the two hours it will take to go to services and get some shopping in.

I made church just as the services began, and was embarrassed when it came time for the collection. I didn't have my purse in my bag! It was only then that I remembered taking it out to pay for the pizza the previous night. I made a mental IOU to the Lord, and silently passed the plate. Clearly I couldn't go to the store without my purse.

I had to go to the store. I had my brother, Jay, his wife and their two daughters and my sister with her daughter and twin boys coming over for Sunday dinner. I needed to pick up a couple of items. It was lucky for me that home wasn't too far out of the way to the store.

It was lucky for me, but unlucky for Chrissie. As I got out of the car, and could hear her stereo going from the driveway. I'm always after her for playing that thing too loud. "She's sick and should be resting," I said to myself. I decided to go directly to her room and tell her to turn it down.

I don't know who was more shocked: Chrissie or me, when I opened the door to her room. There she was, sitting on her bed, in the arms of Warren, the 12-year-old boy from down the block. She didn't notice me immediately since the two of them were too busy kissing to pay much attention to their surroundings.

"Chrissie!" I screamed over the music. That got the pair's attention. Warren jumped up trying to straighten his pants and Chrissie just sat there in shock. To be honest, I don't think anything "serious" happened, but I knew I had to nip this thing in the bud or there'd be no telling what kind of problems these two would be having.

I just pointed to the door, and yelled, "Get out of here!" Warren needed no additional encouragement, and bolted from the room. It didn't even occur to me to see him out, or to check to see if he actually left the house. My suspicion was that he didn't stop running until he got to his house or further.

I walked over to the stereo and turned it off. "Now you, young lady have a lot of explaining to do. First there is ... 'this'," I said making a sweeping gesture with my arm across her room. "Then there is lying to me. You obviously made up that story about being sick just so you'd have some time alone with that boy."

Chrissie broke down and started crying, "I'm sorry mommy."

"Not as sorry as you are going to be," I countered. "Get yourself downstairs, now!"

She followed me down to the parlor where I had her stand in the corner. "I want your face in that corner until I get back from the store. I'm going to pick up a couple of things, and then start dinner, and then I will deal with you."

It was a good thing I had this errand to run. It gave me a chance to burn off some steam. I had to be careful to keep my mind on my driving.

As I pulled back into the driveway, I noticed my brother's car there. My sister-in-law, had said that she would come over early to show me how to fix a special dish. When I got in the house, I was greeted by my guests. Gloria came over and hugged me, and Jay gave me a kiss. "Hi Aunt Mary," my nieces piped in. "Hi, Kirstin, Becky!" I returned.

I turned myself to the group and said, "If you'll excuse me, there is a problem I need to address with Chrissie." Turning to my daughter I said, "Back in the corner with you!"

Chrissie meekly marched herself into the parlor and assumed her position.

"What's wrong, Aunt Mary," the girls asked.

"Chrissie, did something wrong. I don't want to talk about it with you." Gloria gave me that quizzitive look. I cocked my head to indicate that she join me in the kitchen where I promptly filled her in on what I caught Chrissie doing.

Gloria listened intently. "I think you're right, Mary. You do need to punish her. In fact, if you don't mind, do tell my girls why Chrissie is being punished. It will give them something to think about. This could be a good lesson for them too." Jay was passing through the kitchen at the time and merely nodded his assent. I like that about my brother, a man of few words, and sage advice.

Before I could continue, the rest of my guests arrived: Wendy and her brood. We went through another round of "Hello, Aunt Mary" and I returned, "Brenda, Josh, Jason, how are all of you doing?" I figured it was probably better to get this out of the way sooner than later so we could all get on with dinner.

"Everybody," I announced, "Come here into the parlor." I called Chrissie from her corner. "Chrissie, face your aunts, uncle and cousins."

I stood behind Chrissie and announced to the entire family that Chrissie was being punished. "And why is mommy punishing you?" I asked. Chrissie looked down and mumbled. "Louder, honey, and look at everybody. Don't be rude."

"I .. I lied to mommy." she sobbed.

"What kind of a lie?"

"I told her I was sick so I could stay home from church."

"And why did you want to stay home?"

"A boy ... I had a boy over."

"And what did I tell you about having people in the house when I was gone?"

"I'm not supposed to do it."

I decided to let it go at that. I really didn't want to press her about what she and the boy were doing, or intended to do. I decided I didn't want to know the answer.

"OK, it's time to pay, Chrissie." I asked Jay to get one of the chairs from the kitchen. I sent his girls off to fetch the hairbrush from my bedroom.

"Mommy, please!" Chrissie pleaded. "Don't spank me in front of them."

I relented just a little. "I'll tell you what, dear. I will turn the chair around so you won't have to see them watching you get spanked."

She stood beside me and made to get over her lap. I stopped her and pulled down her skirt and panties. She didn't object at all, and got over my lap as quickly as possible to hide her shame.

I picked up the hairbrush and spanked her addressing our audience as I went along. "Young ladies need to be careful. They can get hurt - a lot more than this spanking is hurting you. You have to be very careful with boys. Don't be with them alone. I don't know what you were thinking about, but I'll give you something else to think about. You'll remember this every time you sit down for the rest of the week."

"Kirstin, Becky, Brenda, Josh, Jason ... this goes for you too. Listen to your parents. Don't be foolish, or you may have to have some sense spanked into you like Chrissie here."

As soon as I completed my spanking of Chrissie, she got up dancing around and rubbing her rear end. She was totally oblivious to the fact that she was jumping around, skirt and panties around her knees, in front of her ogling and embarrassed cousins. Her aunts and uncle were trying to surpress smirks.

I drew Chrissie to me. "It's OK dear." I kissed her on the forehead. "Don't lie to mommy again and don't have anybody over unless I'm here, and don't see Warren ever again. Now go upstairs and wash up for dinner."

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