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Whirly Girls

Whirly Girl is a 1983 song by a one-hit wonder group called Oxo. It is all but forgotten by the mainstream but is remembered in one place. The local middle school does not have a traditional mascot, but rather takes its name from a force of nature. Just as the University of Florida is known as "The Hurricanes," the local middle school names itself after a tornado. They call themselves "The Whirlies" This is a story of a group of girls who called themselves the Whirly Girls.

The Whirly Girls had no official standing with the school. The school doesn't sanction sororities but this did not deter the girls from forming their own unofficial club. To be a Whirly Girl was to be a member of the "in crowd" and at the top of female society at the school. Membership was exclusive and limited to a dozen girls. Each Whirly Girl pledged that she was willing to hold herself to the group's code of honor.

Part of that code of honor was how the girls conducted themselves with boys. Being the most popular girls in the school, they could be very selective. A girl could not date a boy unless the boy was approved by the other girls. Only the best boys were allowed to date a Whirly Girl. Being the most popular girls in the school meant that there was a long line of boys waiting to date them. The code also meant that the girls respected each other's "property." No girl was to try to take another girl's boy from her.

The Whirly Girls were sitting in the back of the bus coming back from watching a swim meet. The Girl's team had just whipped their next-town rivals and were celebrating in the front of the bus. Nobody could see, or hear what was going on behind the whooping and howling girls in front of the bus. This suited Linda, the head Whirly Girl, just fine.

"Darlene, it's come to our attention that you were making the moves on Jenny's boyfriend."

"No I wasn't. He came on to me!" Darlene protested.

"That's not the way I heard it."

"Honest. He made the first mood. All I did was flirt with him and tease him a little. I figured if he was going to be a jerk, I was going to lead him on and send him home where he could jerk ..." she never got to finish her sentence as Linda interrupted her.

"You should have reported him to us immediately."

"I meant nothing by it. I was just having a little harmless fun."

Turning to the rest of the group, Linda asked, "What do you think girls?"

Jenny was first to speak up. "He was two-timing me ... if I knew ... it makes me so mad, I want to spank him."

"Hey, that's a great idea!" Linda said.

"Spank Jenny's boyfriend?" another girl asked.

"No silly, spank Darlene for violating our rules."

"Spank her!" another girl chimed in. Her voice was echoed by another in the group, and soon all the girls were chanting "Spank her! Spank her!" with the exception of Darlene, of course.

Linda ordered, "Go get her girls!"

Two girls grabbed an arm each and pulled Darlene over Linda's lap. "No!" Darlene protested, but her yells were drowned out by the cheering in front of the bus.

Linda lifted Darlene's schoolgirl skirt over her waist. "Ann, get her shoes and panties." Mary Janes came off one by one. It actually took two girls to get Darlene's panties off as she twisted and turned on Linda's lap like a snake with a seizure. It didn't do any good. There were just too many hands holding her down.

There were also many eyes on her too. Some of the swim team had noticed the commotion and decided to get a look of their own. They stood by and kept their silence. They knew this was an internal matter that concerned the Whirly Girls only.

Darlene felt the cold on the nakedness of her exposed rear end. It would soon be suitably warmed. This was worse than an ordinary spanking. In an ordinary spanking, one could predict when the next blow will come by the way the spanker's body moved. However on the bouncing bus this was impossible. Not that Darlene had any experience with spanking. She had never been spanked in her entire life; not even as a little girl.

SMACK! Down came Linda's hand. Darlene's breath was taken away. Feeling the other girl's palm on her flesh came as a shock: unexpected. Darlene was surprised. Shouldn't this hurt? And then it did. Not too much, but it felt like fire ants biting at her butt. In a way, it actually felt good. Well, maybe not "good" good but interesting.

SMACK! The second blow was on the other cheek. This one wasn't as shocking but the stinging sensation was equally stimulating.

With each smack, the sensation grew. More and more fire ants bit her ass. The tingling traveled deeper and deeper and traveled across her nerves to her stomach and crotch. It felt sort of like the sensation she got when she needed to pee or maybe like when she touched herself in that special way down there. She didn't know. She couldn't tell. Maybe it was a cross between the two.

She couldn't tell. She was distracted by the spanks administered by her sister superior in the sorority. The bouncing of the bus and how it made her abdomen press into Linda's thighs was a pleasure and pain all of its own in addition to the fiery tingling of her entire ass. Her whole body felt flush and warm.

She was aware of the spanks landing on her butt, but lost track of how many. She couldn't really feel them as they were happening. The pressure was there; she was aware that a palm was meeting her flesh; but the stinging just seemed to grow continuously on its own, independent of individual spanks.

The spanking was over for a good while before Darlene was aware of it. Her mind was focused on her butt and her clitoris which seemed to be throbbing as much as her rear end. Why was this so? How could she even think of it at such at time? The rest of the bus and its occupants were perceived through a dim haze in the far corners of her perception.

As from a dream, Linda spoke to her, "There you go. Don't ever think about messing with one of our boys ever again!"

She smiled. She was chastised in front of her peers and embarrassed for sure, but she was allowed to stay a Whirly Girl.

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