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Physical Description Male, born in the spring of 1949 under a full moon, 6'1", 200 pounds, brown hair (with very little gray), variable-colored eyes (depends on the light, what I am wearing, and how you look at them), cute buns
Orientation 99 & 44/100 % Heterosexual
Location North Carolina
Ethnic Background Polish, Irish, East Prussian, Ukrainian, Hun, and alley cat.
Occupation Programmer, Engineer, Manager, Communications Officer, Tax Payer
Hobbies writing, reading (science fiction and science fact). flying, working out.
Education Masters Degree + B.S.E.E.
Email Mule@thebarnyard.net -- will respond to most sensible stuff
Why I picked mule I picked the nickname mule in the early 90's when I signed with the anonymous server in Finland. I was re-reading Issac Asimov's Foundation Series over again as a result of some then recent publication of sequels and prequels. I wanted a name that was non-descriptive, and easy to type. Mule was a major character in the original trilogy, so I adopted it.
Important Traits Integrity
Sense of Humor
Music Enjoyed 1964-1974 (a great decade for rock), 1935-1945 (a great decade for swing -- Glenn Miller is my favorite), classical, bluegrass
The one thing I'd take on a desert island A powerful radio transmitter (I'm always practical)
Favorite Food Just about anything non-toxic except South Asian (Vietnam, Thailand, India).
Favorite Dessert Chocolate-covered Amity toes :-)
Favorite Beverage Cheap red wine (mostly Merlot), diner-style coffee (no lattes for me, thank you). Egg-creams and black and whites for those of you from NYC who know what these things are.
Philosophy of Life Don't worry about life, it's only temporary. Carpe Diem!
Avoid arguments with men carrying automatic weapons.
The one thing I'd change I'd roll back the clock on my body. The only thing worse than getting closer to 40 is getting further away.
Where I have lived Most places on the planet  (New York, Georgia, New Mexico, Florida, South Carolina, Southern California, Boston, Japan, Seattle) and these are only the permanent stops.
Where I want to live Where I am now
My dream vacation An isolated island in Micronesia.
Reading Habits Voracious - science fact, science fiction, fantasy, history, news, cereal boxes.
Comments In my real life, I am very vanilla, however I have an extremely evil and dirty mind
Preferences I am a switch hitter - I will either sub or dom.
Summary I am a poet and a knight in shining armor

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