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These are essays that essentially state my point of view and opinions on female domination. Mainly, they deal with the relational aspects and how we came to be dommes or submissives.


Putting Her in Charge


By Mule: I often read the plea, "What can I do to get my wife / girlfriend to dominate me?" The short answer is, there is nothing you can do to make her. The longer answer is that there things you can do to make her consider it.

He Asked Me to Dominate Him   By Mule: How do you react when he tells you that he wants you to dominate him?




Enjoying Dominance: a guide for women


By Akasha. A discussion of "what's in it for HER." A good counterpoint to "Putting Her in Charge." This is an excellent series of articles for women to read who aren't quite sure.


Courting the Dominant Woman

  By Laura Goodwin. Suggestions on how to approach a dominant woman. It's good advice for approaching any woman.
Meeting a Dominant Woman   By Eightmeg: Meeting and courting a dominant woman is the same as meeting and courting any other woman with very few twists.
How to Tell if a Woman is Dominant   By Akasha: There are no "silver bullets." There is no Royal (or Yellow Brick) Road. You have to feel your way along, but there are things to look for.


Submissive for Ever   By Mule: Some of us swear that there was never a time in our lives when we were not submissive. From our earliest boyhood memories to the current day, how did we become this way?

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