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To get a link to your site on this page, you must post erotic stories with a female domination, spanking or sneaker fetish theme. I do not link to commercial sites, and the only banner I accept is my sponsor's, JT's Stockroom. All requests for banner exchanges or links to commercial sites will be summarily ignored. In order for your site to qualify for a link here, it has to have significant non-commercial content. The Mule decides what constitutes significant non-commercial content.

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Sites that have ripped off my work.

My work is obviously so popular that there are for-pay sites that rip off my material and present it as their own.. I don't urge a boycott. If you are stupid enough to pay for what you can get for free, then I won't stop you.


Mule's Top Picks
I am a member of these sites.
They are the best of their ilk on the Internet.


The Femdom Forum

This site contains the largest collection of original information (articles, stories and pictures) of female domination on the internet. See below for membership information.

The Femdom Forum offers good conversation, a wonderful group of like minded people, and a great sharing Community!

What you won't find here is ads, popups, commercials, and random redirects. We do not believe in advertising funded websites. We are 100% member funded and proud of it.


Collars N Cuffs

CnC is an online social networking community website created for those interested in the Femdom lifestyle, from the just inquisitive... to the more experienced.

CollarNcuffs was started in 2006 we found that people in the alternative lifestyles did not have a place to go without fear of being deleted, or without having to pay to set up a profile similar to myspace, facebook, etc. while other sites are just portals to sell you subscriptions to their other paid sites, or to charge you once you have signed up while purporting to be free sites.





Seeker's Basement

This is THE Keds Fetish site. Nowhere else on the planet will you find such a complete collection of Keds-related fetish information -- not even in the Barnyard! Pictures, stories and more! See below for membership information.

There are free discussion groups for almost every ilk of sneaker. You can download hundreds of pictures posted in these discussions. With paid membership, you get access to tens of thousands of professionally-shot and amature pictures and media going back 10 years!

This site is a BDSM discussion group. You will find just about every kink has a topic including: bondage, humiliation, foot worship, CBT, chastity, feminization, strap-on, fetishwear, even female bottoms and more!

Membership is free, all you have to do is register. The people in this group range from the curious novice to people with decades of experience. All are welcome. All are respected.

I offer a special thanks to the team of moderators who make this group possible.


Female Led Relationships

As the name implies, this group is a blog that discusses relationships where the women are in charge. This could include female supremacy, female domination, or just plain "vanilla" relationships in which women lead.

This is another free group of interesting people where few topics are barred, and all opinions are respected.

I offer a special thanks to the team of moderators who make this group possible.


Amity's Homepage

Amity is arguably the most well-known female author of femdom fiction in webdom. She is also a personal friend.

Her site offers stories, pictures, advice. and a blog.

Her stories are based on her real-life experiences (somewhat embellished but true nonetheless) and offer a mixture of kink, technology (she's a Geek-domme among other things) and in many cases, a good dose of humor.




FetLife is a FREE Social Network for the BDSM & fetish community.

Thousands of Groups. Thousands of Fetishes and Kinks. You'll have a tough time keeping up. There is even a group for the Ethical Treatment of Pronouns.


Boyz Being Boyz

There are a growing number of stories on this site, but its main attraction lies with those who are visaully stimulated. It has a fine assortment of drawings and comics from some of the web's best spankartists.

Admission is free to consenting adults.


James Pendergrass Femdom

Femdom Fiction - by James Pendergrass

If you like Femdom sexual humiliation, you will LOVE THESE STORIES.

Simply put: you've found the best female-over-male domination novels in print.

Other Female Domination Sites

  Akasha's Web   There is a lot of commercial content here, but the non-commercial parts make it well worth the visit! Another legendary domme-d'internet.
  The Domina Network   Stories and articles abound in this non-commercial site. An excellent resource for novice and experienced players alike.


  Elsie Sutton's Web Page   An educational and informational site that deals with the Adult subjects of Female Domination, male submission, and human sexuality. An excellent resource.
  BDSM Library   A site containing BDSM stories, some of which are femdom, by contributiong authors.
  Kiss Her Heels
The Wicked Wife of the Woods
  This site is an ongoing illustrated diary of The Wicked Wife of the Woods and the trials she puts her husband sissy slave through.
  Femdomale   Femdomale is an organization aimed at studying femdom stories as well as educating people about female domination (femdom) related themes.



  Shadow Lane   Shadow lane is a commercial site, but page has significant non-commercial value, so here it is. The magazine is also a must-read, particularly if you are into M/F spankings.
  Don's Spanking Pages   Don's Spanking Pages includes spanking stories and verse by several authors, archived from the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. There are no pictures on this site.


  Eve's Sneakers   Eve's got a nice little site here with plenty of free pictures. If you want the more-than-full-screen version, you will have to become a member, but the cost is cheap enough.

Young Femdom

  Niolas Leaning's Page   This site is the only site I know of that deals with this topic.


Seeker / Cheeky operate the Basement for Sneaker Fetishists and the Femdom Forum for those into Female Domination. There is an immense free section on each site. For a very modest fee you can access the absolute best collection of picture and media (tens of thousands of high quality) files. My opinion is that these sites are the Internet's best at what they do; it is worth the price of admission.

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