At the Flugplatz - 1916

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"Gott im Himmel," Greta said, "You look like a raccoon."

"It's the black powder from the maxim guns and the oil from the engine," he responded.

He was tall, he was blonde, he was a Barron and he was handsome and he did something few men did: he flew! He looked impressive in his leather flying outfit. What woman would not find him attractive? In spite of his somewhat comical appearance, Greta nearly swooned.

He ordered schnapps and sat down at a table with his squadron mates. Soon they were gesturing with their hands re-enacting the day's aerial battles.

Greta watched him under veiled eyes and flashed him a coy smile whenever he looked in her direction.

One thing led to another and after a few more drinks, the Barron stood up, saluted his mates and said, "Dawn comes early, gentlemen. I must be earlier if I am to meet it in the air."

He retired to his room and undressed. He was busy washing the grime of the day's events of his body when he heard a knock on his door. He opened it wearing only his shorts. It was Greta.

She stood there and giggled like a little girl and wiggled her way through the partially opened door.

He opened his mouth to say a word, but she put her finger to his lip to silence him. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bed. He didn't resist.

Slowly she undressed before him. She pulled him up to her and kissed him as she lowered his shorts. She pushed him back on the bed and draped her body over his lap.

He immediately got the message and fixed his sites on her hinterteil. Being the good pilot that he was, he launched his attack from the rear going vertical with his palm, rolling over on a fingertip, reversing course and diving down towards his target. At the last moment he pulled back flattening out his palm before pancaking it on the landing zone with a loud splat.

Pulling off rapidly, he positioned himself for another pass. Dive after dive, splat after splat he relentlessly repeated his attacks.

He was running low on fuel when the door suddenly opened and one of his drunken mates stumbled in.

The Barron thought quickly and feigned confusion. He turned to the lady on his lap. "Madam," said Manfred, "what business drew you hither?"

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