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Coach slammed the playbook into the locker. The reverberation couldn't be any louder if the team were inside the oversized bass drum used by the university's marching band. Coach paced back and forth breathing heavily and bellowing like a drill sergeant. "You're playing like a bunch of girls! My grandmother could beat you guys."

It was halftime, and we were down 17-3. Name a category: fumbles, interceptions, dropped passes, missed tackles; we had them all.

Coach continued, "These guys are the bottom of the conference, and you're making them look like Super Bowl Champs. What kind of chumps are you? You guys know what this means!"

We did. Coach told us if we didn't get our act together, we'd be spanked. Coach was a strict disciplinarian. No infraction went unpunished. Training was brutal.

"Robinson! Pants down! Over my lap, NOW! Grayson, you're next. After him Thomas … ." Coach bellowed off the "batting order."

The wide receiver complied and coach paddled his butt swiftly. "I ain't got time to do this properly, but I only have 15 minutes."

Robinson was down and up in a matter of seconds. Grayson, defensive guard, nearly eclipsed the coach's smaller frame as he took his turn for spanking. It looked almost comical from my viewpoint. Here was this white arm waving out from behind a mountain of black flesh, and this seemly tiny hand striking an area that seemed to be as large and round as the aforementioned bass drum. In spite of his dark skin color, I could still see handprints on the lineman's butt.

One by one, my teammates lined up to receive their spankings from the coach. Each spanking lasted about a minute, but coach's intensity made up for the lack of time. It was an object lesson for the rest of us.

"I didn't get to get to everybody who deserved it. Maybe next time I'll invite the cheerleaders in here to give me a hand." We met this threat with silence. Coach never bluffed.

"OK, it's time to get back out there. We can pull this one out. Any questions?" Her scowl changed to a grin.

"No, Coach Christine." we chanted in unison.

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