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Mrs. Malrsby was better known as Mrs. Mumbles for the way she taught her class. It was no wonder why my mind wandered in her class. She was droning on about participles or something like that. My fingers guided my pencil over my notebook. When I get bored, I draw.

I was thinking about a couple of nights ago when my older brother came home late. My thoughts flowed from my daydream through my fingers and pencil and onto the paper forming an image of what I saw from my hiding place behind the door that night.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard him come in. Mom tried to keep her voice down, but I heard her anyway. "I ought to ground you until the end of the school year." She said. "But mom, I'm only 15 minutes late."

"Put them here!" She said. I couldn't see what was going on, so I crept down the stairs.

"No. Not my car keys, mom!" my brother pleaded.

"You have to be taught to be more responsible. You're acting just like a little boy."

By this time I was down the stairs with one eye peeping from behind the door. I could see my brother standing in front of my mother with his head hung down.

"In fact," she continued, "if you insist on acting like a little boy, then I will treat you like one." She simply pointed to her lap.

I knew what that means when she does it to me. Did she really intend to spank my brother?

"Oh mom, I'm too old for that," he complained.

"It's either this or the car keys, which do you choose?" She tapped her foot impatiently to make her point.

"OK, mom. You win."

Mom just wiggled her finger up and down. "Drop them mister. I am going to blister that butt of yours."

I couldn't believe my eyes (or eye, since I was still not brave enough to stick a full head out). Here was my older brother, and he was getting a bare-bottom spanking from mom!

I was so lost in my thought, that I didn't realize what my fingers had done. There was a sketch of my brother over my mother's lap, butt up in the air and her hand swinging down towards it. There also was a shadow. I looked up and it was Mrs. Mumbles. She grabbed me, pulled me to the front of the class, pulled up my skirt and down my panties. As she prepared to spank me, she said, "You've been a naughty girl and should have been paying attention in class. Instead you're sitting there drawing dirty pictures. Well, you won't be sitting anywhere comfortably now."

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