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Teacher's Pet

I met Elaine at the highschool as I represented my company during career day. Standing about 5-foot-4, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes; dressed femininely, yet professionally in a white ruffled blouse, just-over-the-knee black skirt, and matching low-heeled pumps: I couldn't keep from staring at her. My heart leapt when she accepted my offer for a date.

During the post-date coffee at her place, she told me that she came from a family of teachers: her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother were also teachers. She reminisced, "Education has certainly changed since the turn of the century. For the most part, the changes were for the better, but in some areas, education had taken a step backwards: particularly in the area of discipline. 90 years ago, behavior problems were dealt with immediately, and on-the-spot."

"My great-grandmother always mentioned that children were much more respectful in her day. It was rare that any student, even boys would 'act up' It was virtually unheard of for a girl to get in trouble for any reason."

Elaine sighed while delivering these words. "I envy my great-grandmother. I wish I could discipline some of my unruly students. A good spanking would do some of them some good."

I got excited. It's not every day that I run into a woman interested in corporal punishment. My ears picked up at the phrase "good spanking" -- I mean, is there any other kind? I had to seize the opportunity before it evaporated.

"What would you do if there were no school board, no parents with lawyers on retainer, no ACLU?"

She smiled evilly. "I'd get one of those bastards, pull down his pants, bare his ass, and paddle him red until he cried."

"He ... him ... his ..." I thought, "Her interest is spanking boys."

"Well obviously you don't get a chance to do that!" I said aloud.

"No I don't." She said, biting off each word. "It's so God-dammed frustrating."

"Would you like to take out your frustrations somewhere else?"

Answering her blank look I responded,. "Elaine, I'm offering you my ass to spank if you want."

If she planned to feign indignation, she thought better of it. Instead, she smiled and chirped, "Sure, why not?"

She took her role immediately. "Bobby," she said, knowing I preferred to be called Rob, "Get over here. You've been a naughty boy and you deserve your punishment."

I looked at her stern face as she ordered, "Drop them now, and assume your proper position over my knee."

Within seconds, I was naked across her lap.

"Count them," she said, landing her palm on my ass firmly.

"One, two ..." I looked in the mirror and saw her smiling face "... twenty-three, twenty- four, twenty-five."

"There," she said, "that's enough for now. It's just a little something for you to remember your manners by."

I'd remember them all right! I also remember how satisfying the sex was that night. I'd promised to have her palm on my ass again often.

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