Poor Tim Gets Caught

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Poor Tim gets Caught
©2000 by Wonka
exploration, non-con, humil, anal play, mild infantilization. ffff/m

Author's Note: This is my first erotic story. Inspired in part by Ann and one of her tasty drawings, PoorTim2. Contains elements of other f/m style stories that I have found of interest. Hope you enjoy it, comments and critisicism is welcomed. I suppose I should disclaim that contains scenes non suitable for children, and if you are under eighteen, then to do what thou wilt shall be the whole unto the law. This text may be freely distributed for non-profit, private use. Use of this material for any action or intent other than personal enjoyment is strictly prohibited by the author.

Tim felt well hidden behind the laundry bin, in the girls locker room. He had been unable to control his weeks old desire to get a better look at Shannon, whom he often had the pleasure of seeing play soccer on the opposite field, during his own track practice. This was his first year of high school, and grade 9 was going fairly well, except he was not accustomed to so much exposure to the more developed older girls. Since he started attending track practice, he was finding himself more and more distracted by many of the girls, especially the ones in their soccer uniforms.

Almost nightly, he would fantasize about Shannon, whom he guessed to be around 17 or 18, and Bridgette, who he knew to be a year older than him. He often imagined them in their gym shorts, or, more often than not, with no clothes, and what it would be like to run his hand up the back of Shannon's thigh, toward the part where her leg started curve so deliciously into a perfectly fashioned rear end. He imagined Bridgette, looking on, getting more and more aroused, so that she would begin to move her hands higher and higher into her shorts.

He decided that he just couldn't get a good close up look in the circumstances created at track practice. While it was a nice view, it was a long distance view, and besides, he was afraid the girls would catch him staring. He realized that it was silly to be afraid of being seen looking - its not like they'd do anything, but it would be embarrassing to be caught in the act. He had to at least try to secure a few more highly detailed mental images for himself.

Earlier this afternoon, Tim's track meeting wrapped up early, and being Saturday, there wasn't a lot of activity around the school. He went back in with his team, and waited around the boys' locker room, until everyone had left. Then he decided to make his move to the girls' locker room. The soccer game hadn't ended yet, so he still had time to get himself well positioned behind a wheeled laundry bin that was kept in an enclosure in the wall. He pulled out the laundry bin, moved into the wall enclosure, and pulled the wheeled bin back towards him. It now jutted out about a foot and a half further than usual, but he felt sure that it wasn't noticeable. He managed to sit down against the side of the enclosure, and get his legs under the laundry bin. He was quite comfortable, and he had a perfect view of the benches.

Now all he had to do was wait for the soccer game to end, and he would get that close-up look at Shannon and Bridgette. As he sat waiting, he started to worry about getting caught. He wondered what would happen if he did. He figured he could just bolt out of there, but they would still surely recognize him. He would be in a lot of trouble, and if anyone found out, it could be quite an embarrassing scandal. He grew a little anxious, and was starting to have second thoughts about the wisdom of his little scheme, when he heard the girls' soccer team, giggling and talking loudly among themselves start to enter the locker room.

This is it, he thought. Do NOT get caught, he told himself. He was starting to get very nervous, as the reality of his situation sunk in. "Just sit very still. Just sit very, very still" he silently repeated. His unease started to change gradually, into confidence, as he realized the room was now full of about twelve girls, in various states of undress, and no one seemed to had noticed the subtle displacement of the laundry bin. He began to feel a sense of ecstasy as he decided to relax and enjoy the view of several nude girls before his eyes.

His arousal was unexpectedly high. He wasn't planning on it, but he couldn't resist putting his hand down his shorts to begin slowly stroking his erection. After a few minutes, most of the girls had left, except for two he knew from a few of his classes, Ellie and Lisa that, and three others that he didn't recognize. He heard one of the girls ask where Shannon and Bridgette had gotten to, but he couldn't make out what the answer was. He was disappointed, although, in his excitement, he had barely noticed that the two girls for whom he had planned this escapade hadn't shown up. There was a little more conversation, and then the five remaining girls left.

Tim decided to finish his stroking in his own bedroom, where he could be a little more expressive with himself. He gave a good listen, and when he was sure there was nobody left around, pushed the laundry bin out, and stepped out of the wall enclosure. For a moment, he thought his lungs must have vanished, and his blood ran cold. There, standing very quietly, just behind the bank of lockers, with could only be described as satanic grins on their faces, stood Ellie, Bridgette, Lisa and Shannon.

Still wearing their gym shorts and jerseys, each held what looked like a stick from a tree in their hands. Shannon tapped hers threateningly in the palm of her hand. "Did you enjoy the show, Timmie?"

Tim, in a state of near panic, decided to try and play dumb. "What do you mean...I...I just lost my gym bag, and....thought that uh...".

Bridgette smirked knowingly. Ellie and Lisa triumphantly told Tim that they had been on to him all along - they saw him enter the locker room, and they had spotted him behind the laundry bin when they entered the room. Only Ellie and Lisa noticed, and they told Shannon and Bridgette.

"Ok. You caught me," said a resigned, but unnerved Tim. He felt very cornered, but still felt he could get out of this somehow.

"You could get suspended for this. Even expelled. And we could tell the whole school about the little peeking Tim pervert. You're in grade 9, Tim, and you have the rest of high school to live this down", Shannon counseled him, knowingly tightening her control over the boy. " Ellie and Lisa say they saw you playing with yourself back there."

Tim started to blush. "Oh man...look, please...there's got to be a way I can get you to keep quiet about this. What do you want?" Tim had noticed the sturdy long sticks in their hands, but it hadn't dawned on him what they might have had planned.

Shannon stepped towards him, and started to gently play with one of the buttons on Tim's shirt. "Yes, Tim we talked about how we could make use of this opportunity." She spoke softly, with a hint of chiding in her voice, "We'll keep quiet about this. But, in return, we're going to spank you; all four of us; right now."

Tim let out a little nervous laugh. He didn't really think Shannon was serious. "What? Spank me? You've got to be joking, what kind of a....", then he really took note of the sticks each of the girls were holding. and he began to see that she was serious, "Ahhh...ha, no...thanks, I'd really rather not - "

"Tim. You have two choices. And you know what the alternative is." said Bridgette.

"Fine...fine then, ok...spank me." Tim turned around, trying to be nonchalant, grabbed the edge of the table and defiantly presented his butt.

"Wise choice, Timmy. But we're not going to spank you like that, as cute as those shorts are." said Shannon.

Ellie and Lisa giggled. "On your bare bum, Tim.", said Ellie, with a big grin on her face.

Tim was trying very hard to keep the reality of this situation from making him start gibbering like a fool, but he was beginning to realize that these four girls wanted him to take off his pants, and wanted him to allow them to whip his bare ass with rather large and heavy looking sticks. He was slow to assimilate his predicament, and was using all of his mental power to try and wind back the clock to before he went through with his ill-fated plan. His stomach felt like it was full of bees. He irrationally thought he might get away, if he could separate himself at least for a few moments, from them.

"I need to use the bathroom first. I just need to use the bathroom before you...uh...spank me." he had trouble actually saying the words.

"Number one or number two?" A laughing Ellie asked.

"A little nervous are we? I don't think so. You can go after we spank you, little boy. Then we'll take you to go potty. Take off your shoes and socks first." commanded Shannon.

The girls tittered excitedly over the prospect of making a boy use the bathroom before an audience. Tim realized he had just dug himself in for much more humiliation.

"Come on, strip. Start with your shoes and socks, and stop trying to stall!" Shannon repeated, and whapped the stick in her hand, her tone suddenly becoming quite serious.

Tim decided that he had no choice. He hoped this would be over with quickly. He knelt down, undid his shoelaces and removed his shoes and socks and stood up. He hadn't been told to remove anything else, and he wasn't about to do it voluntarily.

"Lisa, put them on the table over there." said Shannon, as she stepped up to Tim. She began to unbutton his shirt from the top, counting the buttons in a song-song voice as she undid each one. "One.... two...three...four!". She opened his shirt, and told him to extend his arms, and removed his shirt. Tim felt a gentle chill about his midsection, beginning to feel quite naked, and feeling doubly embarrassed at being undressed, while just standing there, letting it go on. She undid the top button of his pants, and slowly pulled down the fly of his shorts. A little downward tug, then she let them fall to his ankles, leaving him standing timidly a pair of white briefs, trying to cover his crotch.

Tim could sense the attention of all present on the bulge in his underwear.

"He's got a hard on!!" laughed Shannon, moving Tim's hands to his sides, "Step out of them. Pick them up and give them to Lisa. Who wants to take his undies off?" Shannon gleefully asked her friends.

Tim felt a sense of panicked breathlessness, at the thought of his genitals to be very exposed." Do you have to take my underwear off? Please, this is embarrassing enough!"

Bridgette stepped towards Tim, and looked into his eyes, as she happily volunteered for the job.

Ellie, not having seen many pairs of boys briefs was struck funny. "His undies look like diapers!" she giggled, and teasingly snapped the waistband of Tim's briefs. "Do you still wear diapers widdle boy?" she chided.

Timmy thought he was going to burst right there on the spot. About to be stripped naked, and spanked, by four beautiful girls, as they taunted him and treated him like a toddler! Tim had his underwear, for the moment, but he had never felt so naked in his entire life. He was mortified, and, to his surprise and embarrassment, extremely aroused. He had been trying, less than successfully, to keep it under control, as he knew that his erection would draw even more intense teasing.

"Hmmmm," said Bridgette thoughtfully, "which part of Timmie shall we expose first?".

Ellie grinned. "I think we should bare his bum first."

"Turn around, Timmy." said Bridgette, gently turning him at the waist.

Tim looked to the ceiling, and turned his backside to the girls. Bridgette gingerly took hold of his waistband, and drew Tim's briefs downward, exposing his tense buttocks.

"His bum is all clenched up!" remarked Shannon, who gave his cheeks a little pinch, feeling the tension. "Unclench your cheeks, Tim. We want to see a nice relaxed bum."

"Turn around and face us, Timmy." said Bridgette brightly.

Tim hesitantly turned around, his briefs pulled down around his rear, but still covering his very obvious erection. Self consciously, he put his hands over it.

"Keep your hands to your sides, Timmy. Strip him, Bridgette, let's see what he's trying to hide!"

"Eyes on me, Timmy." chirped Bridgette, forcing his eyes from the ceiling. All four girls grinned mischievously, intently focused on Tim's waistband, as Bridgette slowly pulled the front of his waistband out, and then down. Tim's engorged penis bounced out from its position within his briefs, the sudden feeling of free air around his erection causing him to gasp. At that moment, the girls giggled and began to make various observations about his swollen organ. He felt completely exposed. Still holding eye contact with him, Bridgette pulled Tim's underwear down to his feet, and told him step out of them.

Acutely aware the girls staring plainly at his penis, his instinctively moved back to cover himself.

"Tut, tut, tut, Timmy. Put your hands behind your back, and stand still!" commanded Shannon.

Timmy complied, and was forced to stand there, ready to faint, as the girls began casually examining his extremely hard penis, with inquisitive pokes and squeezes. Shannon, having some experience with the male organ, decided to give the younger girls an anatomy lesson. She told Ellie and Lisa how tickling the sensitive bottom of the shaft drives boys wild, and demonstrated on Tim's member, causing a droplet of clear semen to appear at the tip. Bridgette dabbed her finger on it, and stretched out the sticky liquid a few inches, to the giddy 'Ewwws' of Lisa and Ellie.

Lisa cupped his testicles in her hand, and gave them a little squeeze. "How hard can you squeeze before it hurts him?" she asked, tightening her grip until Tim gave a little grunt of pain, then releasing him.

After some time squeezing, poking and discussing Tim's penis, Shannon decided that it was time start his spankings. As they all laughingly agreed she gently took the end of his penis, and led him to the center of the locker room, getting a little clear semen on her hand, and wiping it on her shorts. Lisa and Bridgette took places behind and to the side of Timmy, and Shannon and Ellie stood in front.

"How should we position him?", asked Bridgette. "I want a good view of his dick while he's being spanked, so put his hands on his head."

Shannon agreed. "Very well. Put your hands on your head Timmy. We're going to take turns, so we can all get a chance to see you getting your spanking. Lisa will go first, then Bridgette, and then we'll switch places, and Ellie and I will spank you. Get your hands on your head, please." Shannon said sweetly.

"Wait - please - you're not going to use those switches, are you? I mean - how many spanks am I going to get?" stammered Tim.

Shannon paused. She hadn't really thought about how far they were going to go with this. Lisa, impatient to begin, playfully poked the crack of Tim's bum with her stick. Mimicking Lisa, Ellie also gave him a poke, causing him to gasp, with surprise, as Ellie and Lisa giggled.

"Five strokes each. If you're a good boy, that is, and don't move around, and keep your hands on your head. Other wise, we'll double it." Shannon stepped up to Tim, and began to gently batted his now limp penis with her index finger. "Whenever you're ready, Lisa.".

Tim gulped. Lisa wound up, and with a swooshing sound, her stick cut through the air, and into Tim's bum, with a loud smack. Tim gasped, quite unprepared for the sting of it.

"Look at those cheeks jiggle!" laughed Bridgette, walking up behind Tim and jiggling his butt cheeks.

"Here comes number two, watch out Bridgette!", announced Lisa, smacking Tim's ass again. Tim grunted, bearing the searing pain of Lisa's switch. He wasn't sure if he could take 18 more strokes. Lisa got braver with the second stroke, and the remaining ones received her all, raising a series of blood red welt across Tim's cheeks. Tim desperately tried to keep from crying, but the pain and humiliation of being whipped, entirely nude, forced a few beginning sobs.

"Look, Timmie's wee-wee has gone soft!" chided Shannon. Lisa moved from her position to have a look, having only seen the hard version. She giggled and poked it playfully, causing to start to rise again. "Awww...don't start crying yet," Lisa charmed, "You still have to take 15 more strokes!" she said softly, as she toyed with Tim's returning erection.

"This is......" said a sobbing Tim. "And it hurts!".

"I know it hurts, Timmy. Cooperate, and it'll be over soon. And no one will ever know the bad thing you did today." said Lisa soothingly, emphasizing her last five words with little yanks on his penis."

"Bridgettes turn!" announced Shannon.

Bridgette decided to deliver a quick and hard series of five. Within seconds, the locker room was filled with the sound of flesh being smacked, almost like clapping, followed by a kind of stunted howl from Tim. Shannon winced at the force of Bridgette's blows, and Tim moved his hands from his head to rub his refried bottom.

"Uh uh. Hands on your head. Now! That's going to cost you. But I'll be merciful, little boy. That should have doubled the spanking from all of us, but I'll only double Bridgette's share, this time, since she did such a nice job on your bum. " Go ahead, Bridgette, give him five more."

Bridgette grinned an evil grin, and decided to use her hands. She stepped a little closer to the now openly weeping Tim, and reached around his front, grasping his penis with one hand. In his ear she gently whispered to him that she was going to smack his bottom with her hand, while squeezing his moistening member. Tim gave a resigned whimper. Bridgette smacked his bum with one hand, with full force, but a little more slowly this time, relishing the effect of her hand on Tim's behind, and squeezed and teased his penis with the other, feeling it hardening slightly with each caress, and softening slightly with each stroke.

She stepped back, and she and Lisa walked around to Tim's front, while Shannon and Ellie took up positions behind him, commenting on Bridgette and Lisa's handiwork. Ellie put both her hands on Tim's bottom, and began to massage his buttocks, opening and closing his butt crack, and gently tickling at his anus.

Tim grunted painfully, "Please....stop...".

Ellie stopped massaging his bum, gingerly parted his butt cheeks, and squatted down, to have a look inside. She playfully poked his anus, causing him squirm a little. "Hold still, Timmy. I want to look. Shannon, hold his butt cheeks open, please.". Shannon grinned inquisitively at Ellie, and stepped forward to oblige her.

"What are you doing?" sobbed Tim, with renewed nervousness.

"Quiet. Hold still." ordered Bridgette, giving his penis a little smack.

With her finger, Ellie gently poked at Tim's anus, pushing only a few centimeters in. Tim gasped at the sensation, and tried to keep still.

Ellie giggled, and pulled out, noting a very small amount of brown on the end her finger. Shannon grimaced, aroused and at the same time slightly repulsed at Ellie's anal play. She wiped off her finger on one of Tim's cheeks. "When we're done spanking him, remember, we're taking him to go potty!", she happily reminded her friends. With that, she wound up, and smacked his ass with the stick. After she had administered her five, Tim had tears streaming down his cheeks, both from the reminder of what was surely going to be a very embarrassing bathroom break, and the pain of Ellie's switch.

"And now, its Shannon's turn!" announced Ellie playfully, giving Tim one last goose with her finger.

Noting the now vivid condition of Tim's behind, Shannon decided to use Ellie's suggestion as a break - from the spanking anyway, but not his humiliation.

"I think we should take Timmy for his potty time now, and if he's a good boy, and does what we say, I might not spank him. Besides, I'll bet sitting his welted ass down on a toilet seat will be even more painful than another spanking! How does that sound Tim?" said Shannon teasingly, lightly playing her index finger against his penis.

"Answer me, Tim. Tell me if you're ready to go potty. I bet Ellie wants to wipe your bum. I can always spank you instead if you like."

Tim just moaned.

Shannon turned Tim around, and started lightly smacking his ass with her hand, telling him to answer.

"I c-can't go in front all of you - but don't spank me anymore! But I just can't go to the bathroom with you all watching!" Tim choked through his sobs of pain and embarrassment.

Shannon was feeling delightfully sadistic. "Your poor little hiney, its so red now! You deserve a time out. Bridgette, lead our little boy to the potty."

Bridgette giggled, took hold of Tim's penis, and gave it a little tug. "This way, Tim!" she said in a sing song voice.

There was a bathroom adjacent to the locker room, and they led Tim to the first toilet stall, and opened the door.

A grinning Bridgette motioned with her hand, "Have a seat!" she said, as she raised the toilet lid.

Tim, blushing bright red, grimaced as he gingerly sat down on the toilet seat. The four girls crowded into the stall, and teased him as the poor boy squirmed on the plastic seat, trying to position himself in the least painful position. He tried to cover his penis, in a futile attempt to gain some kind of privacy. Lisa matter-of-factly moved his hands to his sides, and held them there for a few seconds.

"Such a shy boy!" she teased.

They laughed and commented at how cute he looked sitting there on the 'potty' as they kept referring to it.

Ellie stood in front of the toilet, and squatted down facing Tim. "Spread your legs open, so we can see it come out!" Tim did so, as Ellie lightly teased his penis, poking it and squeezing it, starting another erection. She started to scratch the bottom of his shaft methodically.

Tim started to feel like he would come, and implored her to stop. "Please, stop doing that - I don't want to -".

Ellie looked up into his eyes, grinning mischievously "Are you going to come? Is it because of what I'm doing? Is this what you were doing behind the laundry bin, when you were spying on us? That's why we're spanking you." Ellie stopped her scratching motions, and peered between Tim's legs. "I don't see any poop coming out Timmy. Better push, or Shannon gets to spank you!"

Tim strained. He actually did have to go, but with four girls watching, giggling and teasing his penis, he found it difficult to control the right muscles. "I'm trying - just give me a few minutes!" he pleaded. He looked up at the ceiling again, trying to forget their presence, so that he could release his bowels, and save himself from another whipping. Ellie gave his balls a squeeze. "Look at me, Timmy. I'm talking to you."

Tim looked down into Ellie's pretty, grinning face, her eyes radiating a sense of control that she was enjoying thoroughly. Tim looked down at her inner thighs, attractively positioned as she squatted in astute observation of his privates. The three other girls emanated a mixture of playfulness, sadism and authority.

Tim was more aware than he ever had been of his erect penis. He felt so literally naked, and on display, being controlled by these four achingly beautiful girls, casually torturing and humiliating him. He could feel them, standing over him, fixated on himself and his continuing embarrassment. He was aware of them standing, beside and behind Ellie, their smooth feminine legs airily visible, to the heights of each thigh, where they began to thicken and round out into the nylon shorts of their gym uniforms. He wouldn't be able keep himself from ejaculating if he had to keep looking at them. He concentrated on keeping the sensations of Ellie's manipulating hands at bay.

"Let me sit there, Ellie, I want to see too!" said Lisa.

"Ok, here, I'll move over a bit, and you can squat down beside me." Lisa squatted, and started to play with Tim's scrotum, feeling his balls rolling around in her hand.

Ellie started to scratch the bottom of his shaft again. "Do you like us to play with your penis, Timmy? Do you know when you're going to come? How much will come out? Answer me Timmy....."

Tim's eyes wandered again towards the ceiling, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone. He let out a sob every now and again; the shock of his situation had evened out a bit now. He was now fighting with the humiliation of having two girls squatting in front of him, while he sat on a toilet, trying for the sake of his own behind to go, as they gently toyed with his penis, hoping to force him to come all over the place. Ellie squeezed his balls again, and giggled as she drew his attention back, and demanded that he her answer her questions.

"I don't know....please stop!" said Tim through clenched teeth.

"Stop what Timmie? This?" teased Ellie, giving his shaft a little squeeze. "Ok. I'll stop for now. Lisa, lift his balls up, so we can see his hole better. Yes that's good." Ellie reached between Tim's legs, and began to poke at his anus with her finger.

"Ewww. Ellie!." laughed Lisa. She turned around to smile inquisitively at Shannon and Bridgette, amused by Ellie's strange fetish.

Tim squirmed as Ellie pushed her finger further and further up, while continuing to ask Tim her bizarre questions.

"Can you feel where my fingers are, Tim?" asked Ellie, enjoying her sense of control over him.


"Does it hurt? Tell me if you're going to go.".

"No - I'm trying! Please! You're not making this easy!"

"Too bad we don't have an enema kit, we could help you go then."


"I bet you like getting spanked. That's why you were spying isn't it, because you knew we would catch you and do this to you. You better push harder, or Shannon gets her turn soon."

"No! I'm trying to go! Don't spank me again! Please stop touching me there."

"Is this embarrassing? I bet I can make you come."

Finally Tim felt an urge, and murmured that he was going to go. Ellie slowly removed her finger, and she and Lisa grinned as they gaped between Tim's legs, watching him defecate, passing a little gas just before he went.

"You farted!" admonished Lisa, and gave his penis a little smack.

Tim managed to expel one mass into the toilet bowl, prompting mock applause and congratulatory remarks.

"All done?" Bridgette asked, laughing at Tim's bodily sounds.

"Yes...is this over?" Tim, blushing red, looked up pleadingly.

"Soon. If you're done, stand up." said Ellie, as she bunched together some toilet paper. "Time to wipe!" Tim stood up. Lisa started to playfully stroke under the tip of Tim's penis, while Ellie told him to part his legs. He did, and felt the toilet paper pushing up across his anus.

"Yuck. Are you sure you're done? I think you should sit down and go some more!" said Ellie.

"No, please let me get dressed now!", begged Tim.

"Hmmm. Shannon, I don't think he held up his end of the bargain. Look, he barely pooped at all! My little brother, half his size makes way more than that." said Ellie conspiratorially.

Shannon wasn't quite ready to let Tim off the hook either. She grinned at him. "Have a seat then. Or would you prefer I just spanked you?" said Shannon.

Whimpering slightly, Timmy again painfully positioned himself on the toilet seat, while the giggling Ellie and Lisa instantly reclaimed their former positions. Immediately, they started teasing at Tim's erection and genitalia with renewed enthusiasm and teasing. He really didn't think he could go anymore, and five or so more minutes of Ellie playing games with his anus and Lisa using toilet paper to wipe of the pre-semen that issuing from his erection, his urge to come was becoming uncontrollable. He knew he couldn't expel any more fecal matter, at least not here, and he didn't want to come in front of everyone. In an attempt to bargain out of Shannon's spanking, Tim made a desperate proposal.

"If I let you make me come, will you let me get off the toilet without a spanking? I can't go anymore."

"Stand up, Timmy." Shannon said, in a mockingly grave voice. "I don't think I like that idea. If you can't go, fine. I'll just have to spank you. But, I assure you; we'll all see you come today. I'm going to give you ten strokes, but because I'm nice, and your bum is almost bleeding, I'll just use my hand to spank you. I'm going to give you a special kind of spanking, that won't hurt as much. Bridgette will help me, and Ellie and Lisa will work on making you come, while we spank you. Assume the position, Timmy."

Tim rolled his eyes, and obeyed as Shannon told him to face the toilet, and grab the tops of the bathroom stall walls, and part his legs. Ellie and Lisa sat down on the closed toilet lid, to began gently stroking his head, and the sensitive part under his penis. Then Bridgette spread his butt cheeks, as Shannon prepared for a long series of swats, more or less against his exposed anus. As Ellie and Lisa continued to manipulate his tool, Shannon began. It stung a little, but mercifully, Shannon wasn't using full force. Her very directed, and firm swats sent a powerful sensation coursing through his entire lower body.

In combination with four hands at work on his erection, Tim thought the intensity of his arousal would cause his knees to buckle. After Shannons fifth anal stroke, he moaned, and heard the girls giggling in surprised at the volume and distance as Tim spurted with powerful contractions, again and again. They continued gently squeezing his head as his ejaculation finally slowed to halt. Shannon gave Timmy five more playful swats, and told him he could get dressed.

As a very demure Tim was leaving the locker room, Shannon stopped him, and whispered in his ear, "I've decided to amend our contract, Mr. Peeping Tom. See you next Saturday, little boy." Tim's erection quickly returned.

end of female domination, femdom story