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Be Published Here

If you're ever thought about trying your hand at writing, and are wondering where to start, try here. I do publish guest authors and am glad to consider any well-written story that complies with the following:

I don’t want to sound too anal retentive, but there must be some rules.

  1. All stories must be your original work. I’ll put a common law copyright notice on received stories, and hope that we won’t be ripped off too much. I will not knowingly support stealing other people’s work.

  2. The subject matter should deal with Female Domination, Spanking, or the Sneaker Fetish. If you read my stories or those that I publish, you will note that I tend towards the lighter end of things. I will not post stories that feature snuff or rape. I reserve the final right to reject any story based on subject matter. I will put in my own disclaimers if you do not provide one. See Nialos Leaning’s stories for a good example of what a disclaimer should look like. I am out of the business of posting stories involving minors.

  3. Please read the tips on posting for the web before submitting. The more you comply with these suggestions, the more likely it will be that I will publish your story.

  4. Please submit your stories in MS Office 2000 Word (or previous version) format.

  5. I will publish your story anonymously if you instruct me to do so.

  6. I reserve the right to post the story or teasers to newsgroups.

  7. I do not pay royalties nor do I charge for this service. I will not sell your stories, nor will I knowingly allow them to be posted elsewhere except as outlined in the previous paragraph. I do not demand exclusiveness to your stories, but I would appreciate it.

  8. I reserve the right to edit the story for readability, but I will submit the final version to you for your approval before posting. I am not running a writing school, but I will usually explain the reasons for my changes if they are anything more than "cosmetic."

  9. I reserve the right to reject any story without any explanation.

  10. Finally, I am not always responsive. I have a great number of other responsibilities in my life. If I don't get to your story immediately don't panic. I will respond eventually.

Submit your stories to me.

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