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Short stories on miscellaneous topics about spanking. An asterisk (*) indicates that the story was written for the A.S.S short story contest (< 500 words).

Ann is an illustrator that used to post frequently in Her drawings have inspired a few stories on my part.

Allison, Katie and Ben   Allison and Katie spank Ben. (Illustrated Story)
*Armed and Dangerous   "It was a dark and stormy night" ... cliches abound. Humorous (at least I hope so)
Billy's Spanking   A boy gets duped by a couple of girls into pantsing another boy. Inspired by a drawing by Ann.
A Conversation With George   M/? An alien encounter of the spankable kind.
A Day at the Beach   A bratty 8-year old gets her comeuppance under a belt wielded by her aunt. Inspired by a drawing by Ann.
*Ann's Sketchbook   Our friend Ann is caught in her hobby. Inspired by a drawing by Ann.
*At the Flugplatz -1916   An encounter between a famous avaiator and a bar maid.
Didlin'   A boy is masturbated by a couple of girls. One of the moms finds out, and the girl is made to pay. Inspired by a couple of drawings by Ann. It's the truth; girls do diddle boys, and sometimes they pay the consequences.
*Dirty Trick   Three schoolgirls spank a schoolboy. Inspried by a drawing by Ann
Dodge City   A couple argue over money and sex. Ispired by a drawing by Ann
*Double Cross   When a teenage girl steals her friend's boyfriend, she gets her comuppance. Another story inspired by a drawing by Ann.
Feminists   A boy tries to get his jollies looking up girls' skirts. The girls' older sisters intervene and then the fun begins for the girls. Another story inspired by a drawing by Ann.
The Gambler   Can you con a con man? Inspired by a drawing by Ann.
Grounded   A young lady finds out that when she gets out of hand, she is well in hand or under hand of her aunt. Another drawing inspired picture.
*Halftime   A coach has a unique way to inspire the team.
His Spanking   This story depicts a scene of a boy being spanked by his aunt in the presence of this two female cousins. It features nudity on his part but no sex. Inspired by a drawing by Ann.
Mean Girl   A man recalls a childhood spanking he recieved from his female cousin. Inspired by a drawing by Ann.
My First Reader   This is a very short story inspired by the enclosed drawing. It reminded me of my grade school days
Late Bloomer   A wife relates her experiences spanking her husband.
Office Boy   An intern learns what life is like at Spanx incorporated. Drawing and company logo.
On The Road   Billy is being a pest on the school bus. The driver takes matters into her own hands. Another story inspired by a drawing by Ann.
Pammy   When the babysitter breaks into the liquor locker, she gets caught, and gets a whippin'. Antoher story inspired by a drawing by Ann
The Paper Girl's Revenge   When Billy steals Susie's paper money, she makes sure he gets his cumuppance. Another drawing inspired post.
*Paying the Bills   A couple have an odd way of making "ends" meet.
Poor Tim Gets Caught   A story by Wonka. A 9th grader spies on a group of girls in the locker room and pays the price. Another story inspired by a drawing by Ann.
Prankster   The misogynistic adventures of a young man land him in trouble and over the lap of his teacher. Another story inspired by a drawing found on the net.
*Preventative Measures   Women take the matter of procreation into their own hands.
*Racquetball Lesson   Women teach each other how to play racquetball using a unique technique.
Secret Spanking   A girl spanks her brother in front of his and her friends. Based on a drawing by Ron.
*Shrub   A little boy misbehaves and is spanked for it.
*Spanked in Space   A whimsical account of spanking aboard the space shuttle.
Spanking Hillary   Spanking you-know-who.
*Stormy Knight   Another humorous (I hope) entry into the SSC.
A Sunday Spanking   A young girl is spanked in front of her extended family. Another story inspired by Ann's drawing.
A Tail of Four Wives   When the wives decided to have a "girls' night out" they got more than they bargained for. Here is a picture of the aftermath.
Tardy   A husband's poor work habits nearly gets him fired until his wife lends him a helping hand. Another drawing inspired file.
*Teacher's Pet   A man dates a woman, and guess what she's into?


Wanda's Dream   A girl catches a boy stealing from a woman's purse ... or does she? Inspired by a Ron Wilson drawing.
Whirly Girls   The secret sorority looks after its own. Woe to the girl that crosses her sisters.

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